Who Are We?

Meet some of our volunteers and organizers and how the Chennai Trekking Club has impacted their lives

College being pretty hectic one thing i crave for is the time with CTC,cuz physical activity never makes you weak instead pumps you up with good vibes and energy to run the week,. i try to sneak in whenever possible to make time to do what i love. Ctc has always made me more energetic and concentrate on my studies . every day counts and its upto us to make the best out of it. ctc has been a great platform in helping me balance my long days with short breaks in between,

Each and Every events which I participate in CTC gave a new learning for lifetime. I am trying my best to be friendly with Mother Nature by avoid harming them. Personally my fitness level & endurance improved a lot. Mentally strong enough to face the new challenge. Life became more easier and freedom to live. Personally I feel my self-confidence improves. what I learned from CTC helps me more in my Professional life to apply those leadership Quality and Decision Making skills.  CTC allow me to interact with common interest people and let me trying new ideas.

Honestly all my best moments has been with CTC.Every event I meet new people and friends who bring with them so much freshness and experience.Its so much fun and learning from all of them. I have lot of time at hand for doing what I am passionate about without a compromise on work and family time. I spend less time on Internet and more with real people!

Life before CTC was very much confined to a smaller circle of friends and activities. However, after CTC I have definitely made more friends and knowledge and experience in many unknown activities have increased. I must also admit that CTC has given me an identity not just in Chennai but also outside of it. It a great feeling to be associated with CTC.

My life has always been dreamy and highly energetic. After CTC, it has opened more doors for me to explore and it has been a very good learning curve for me in terms of real time management, safety, teamwork, open-mindedness and positive spirited. There has never been a dull moment after joining CTC as the group always encourages you to step out and start trying new things. This is what you learn in B- schools. For me, CTC is a school where you really learn different subjects without books and texts and eventually excel in the same as a high-spirited individual.

Pursuing my love for trekking and mountaineering since 1970’s wherever I resided, I began an online search for a trekking club in Chennai when I came here after retirement in 2009. I didn’t take much time to locate the most active trekking club in the country, CTC, and promptly enrolled myself as a member and began participating in its varied and numerous trekking activities.CTC has transformed my personal passion for nature and outdoor activities into a very fruitful team activity in the pleasant company of friends with similar passion.