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Details on donations received till date are available at http://www.nisaptham.com/2018/12/blog-post.html.
If you are interested to be a part of our efforts, please send an email to info@chennaitrekkers.org.

Help Farmers get over Gaja!

Cyclone Gaja is now officially the worst that has hit the Delta Region in the past 25 years. Starting its vicious cycle in the coastal regions of Nagappattinam and Vedaranyam at a speed of 110-120 kmph, the mighty cyclone took a path of destruction across Nagappattinam, Thiruvarur, Thanjavur, Pudhukottai, Sivagangai, Dingugal and parts of Theni & Madurai districts. The cyclone has crumbled houses, killed the livestock, uprooted the trees and flooded the fields in the region where the main source of income for 95% of the population is agriculture. Every morning we wake up doing nothing, they are waking up to dead livestock and fallen trees with a thousand questions about how to start over. It takes 10 years for a fully grown coconut tree to start yielding coconuts and there are lakhs of trees Gaja has played with.
Come lets help the people who fed us all our lives!

Rehabilitation Work update

In the aftermath of Gaja our on-field volunteers have surveyed many villages around the districts affected by Gaja. And we have finalized a total of  90 families/individuals focusing mainly on elderly, differently-abled, widows &  the most under-privileged people with no family to support them physically or financially and no means of income in the aftermath of Gaja. Our volunteers have taken the utmost care in identifying the people who are in desperate need of a helping hand to get back on their feet. The number of identified families village-wise is listed below.

  • Vedaranyam – Ayyakaranpulam – 5 Homes
  • Vedaranyam – Kadinal Vayal, Kilakkadu – 4 Homes
  • Vedaranyam- sankarampettai – 7 homes
  • Pambukani – 5 Homes
  • Managathan Kottagam – 5 Homes
  • Thenparai – 16 Homes
  • Keluvathur – 5 Homes
  • Palaiyur – 9 Homes
  • Orathur – 4 Homes
  • Kuruchi – 6 Homes
  • Vedhapuram – 9 Homes
  • Nanalur – 8 Homes
  • Kulamanikam – 2 Homes
  • Kalapal – 3

Thanks to all the kind-hearted souls who have poured in donations over the past weeks. We are happy to say that we have got sufficient funds to kick-start our first phase of rehabilitation works in the villages affected by Cyclone Gaja. So, as of 30-Nov-2018 we have stopped accepting donations in the Nisaptham account that was shared earlier and now our focus is on rehabilitation works.

First Phase of Rehabilitation

11 Days – 87 Homes ! 100+ Smiles !

Witnessing firsthand the devastation that Cyclone Gaja caused in the delta region, during our relief efforts, CTC sprung into action and initiated a fundraising campaign through which raised enough amount of money to kick-start our first phase of rehabilitation efforts, mainly focusing on the poor, elderly, differently abled and widows. We set a mighty target of building 100 Homes. Thats touching 100+ lives with humanity and giving them hope in this time of need. Hope ! which can probably change their life forever.
And today (December 11 2018) we are so happy and proud to announce that we have now completed 87 out of our initial target of ONE HUNDRED homes. Yes, we have successfully completed construction of 87 Homes, putting a smile on a lot more faces and their lives 🙂 Our sincere and heartfelt thanks to each and every single soul who have stood up with us in this moment of need and supported us. Without the support that you all provided this humongous target would not have been achievable. 

Help in whatever way you can !

Below images are from a all Girls higher secondary school in the Delta region where ~600 students are studying presently. Among which about 150 students are in class 8-12. They all use this toilet which is of approx 10*15 in size. As you can see, the roof top sheets were all completely ripped off by Cyclone Gaja. Currently all these students, including students who have attained puberty, are all using this toilet without proper roofs and doors. Rather than blaming others, lets help in whatever way we can. Lets be a part of the solution then be a part of the problem. If you are interested to join hands with us please drop a mail to info@chennaitrekkers.org.

Tales of Thenparai & other villages

Thenparai, a village in Mannargudi circle, is one of the places severely impacted by Cyclone Gaja. With the help of 2 good local volunteers Lakshman and Murugesan we were able to identify 20 of the most affected people in this hamlet out of a total ~2000 inhabitants. Both these local gentlemen have been guiding us from the start of our rehab efforts. As in other places our rebuilding efforts here are also targeted towards the elderly, differently-abled, widows.
Rajendran, a differently abled person, experiences this world through his heightened sense of touch and sound. Cyclone Gaja almost completely destroyed his home leaving him stranded in rains. Being a person of heightened senses it was devastating for him to cope with, as everything around him was now out of place and damaged. Yesterday (6 Dec) he was one of the happiest souls in town returning back to his familiar space, his Home. His hut is the 18th home that we have constructed as of 6 December 2018.
Munniyama, a 80 years old lady in the village of Keluvathur. As you can see, Gaja completely cleared off the thatched roof over her head. With the help of generous donations we have received so far and the coordinated efforts of our on-field volunteers and locals we were able to complete her roof just in time (on 3 Dec evening)  before the trough rains set in.
Saroja, a 70 years old widow in the village of  Thenparai. The sight of destruction that Gaja left on her sweet little home was devastating and heartbreaking to say the least. Without any family to support and no other means to rebuild herself on her own she was left to live in temporary shelters nearby. Yesterday she was all smiles with the sight of her Home nearing completion and by evening she was ready to move back in to her Home.

Moment of Hope !

On the late evening of December 1 2018, when the sun was down Our team had just completed rebuilding the first out of 100 planned homes as part of our delta rehabilitation plan. We found Nagammal, 80 years, blind widow, desperate on the front porch of her broken home a few days ago while scouting for the most affected by Cyclone Gaja. A week later, she is now living in her newly built Home.

Thanks Ganesan and family for giving a small home to Kaliyamma (80 years widow with no family left) whom we found on a late evening during our scouting, lying on the road taking shelter beneath a tractor. This is the second home out of 100 planned in our first phase of delta rehabilitation. With bulk thatch procurement and reuse of materials we are able to build a 9x12ft shelter for approx 15K now.

Construction of our third delta home for 70 years old Chandra, widow with one disabled son at Elavanur near Sothiriyam, has been completed. One 12x9ft shelter consists of 80 eucalyptus sticks and 300 thatched roof sheets build in 3 hours by 4 labours. Thanks Muralidharan Parthasarathy for your kind gesture in providing a new home to the most needy.

Pooranam patty from Kelvattur Sothiriyam who was found sitting desperately outside her damaged home three days ago. Yesterday late evening she was lighting up a candle of hope in her newly built home which was full of warmth, thanks to all the volunteers and donors who made this possible.

Contact us at info@chennaitrekkers.org if you are interested to donate for future phases of rebuilding. We will get in touch with you later if we decide to continue our rebuilding beyond phase 1.

Every Contribution counts !

Gifts are special, regardless the occasion. Wedding gifts are even more cherished as they are a symbol of love and support shown by family and friends in their start of a new journey. One needs a big heart to suggest that their marriage gifts be given away for a cause. Here is one such, or more exactly two such example. Our CTC volunteers Mani – Preethi & Ashwin – Abhinaya who got married recently decided that a part of their marriage gift be given away for a good cause. We have decided to use their gift money of 20,000 (10k each) in our rebuilding efforts. It is utilized in rebuilding home for one of the most needed person, Nagarathinam Paati, that we had identified. The amount was used to purchase a load of sticks from Salem. This was used as frames for building her home and some more homes that were built yesterday. Every Contribution counts !

Update on Monetary Donations Received

Donations received as of date is being regularly updated in Nisaptham website “www.nisaptham.com” under the title ‘டெல்டா’.
Our sincere thanks Nisaptham trust for helping us out in this time of need.

Media Coverage

Thanks to Puthiya Thalaimurai magazine for covering our initial relief efforts in the Delta region in this week’s edition.

Relief materials collection & distribution update

As of 25 Nov 2018 we have stopped collecting materials as donation towards Gaja relief. All the collected materials have been swiftly distributed to the needy in delta regions. An update on the same can be found below.
Relief materials was collected in 20+ collection points across Tamilnadu and distribution was done with 3 hubs in delta districts, one each in Nagapattinam, Pudukottai & Mannargudi.
Our volunteers have worked day & night on and off the field ensuring that the collected materials reach the interior villages where little or no help has been received so far from the outside world. Our focus was mainly on the poor, elderly, widows whose basic shelter has been damaged or destroyed. Each and every hamlet we provided relief materials to has been handpicked or was referenced by trusted local contacts of our volunteers.
Below is (some of) the list of villages that we have provided relief materials to.
Kumur Ragunathapuram, Perugavaazhnthaan Vaavu Thoppu, Vetti Kaadu (Pattukottai) Pushpavanam Camp 1, 2 & 5
Painkaadu (Ulkottam) Kutti Gounder Kaadu, Thagatur Vallam Village Aarukaatuthurai
Neelamangalam (Aathupalam) Ratha Narasinghapuram Melakandamangalam Bandarathankadu Camp
Vaaimedu Gov School Thenparai Mannai Nagar Railway Colony + KK Nagar Pannal village
Melaveethi Ottan Kudisai (Mannargudi) Keezhathottam Ranganathapuram Thiruvalluvar nagar
Kottur thottam (Kalaivaani School) Kaathankuthagai, Thandava Gounder Kaadu, Thethakudi Therku Sillathur (Orathanaadu) Neermullai Village
Keezhaputhur Maanjeikaadu (Vengarai Thiruvonam Onnriyam) Perupannaiyur Keelayur
Kallorinikaadu (Pattukoattai) Thevankudi Pullavarayan kudikaadu Tholuthur
Ragammal puram (Sinnapara koattai) Vadapaathi Aalathambaadi (Ponnirai) Neermulai
Aalathambaadi Kallimedu Peravoorani (Paingal) Sembodai West Camp 1 & 2
Melapalli Santham (Kottur) Naduveli / Kalapaal Nallur
Thennampulam (Kariyapattinam) Naduvikottai (Sooran Kollai) Ocheri
Kooppasi Koattai Keerakkallur (Thiruthuraipoondi) Vadaseri
Athirampattinam Kuruchi Veerapuram Thiruthuraipoondi
Naduvikaadu Udhaya Marthandapuram Irandam pulikkadu Pattukottai
Malaivenikaadu Painganaadu (Thulasenthirapuram) Kameshwaram village
Thiruthuraipoondi (Therkupidagai) Roya nalllur Manambadi village near Chidambaram
Idaiyar Natham (Sundara Kottai) Kodiyavinayaganallur (Thirukuvalai) Tallikkotai
Senthamangalam Mela Street, Neduvakottai Ullikottai
Keezhakottam (Athirampattinam) Kothamangalam Pushpavanam
Any Queries about donation or otherwise please send mail to info@chennaitrekkers.org.
Team CTC