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[Chennai Trekking Club] CTC Motorcycle Team – Christmas Ride to Meghamalai [Dec 23-25]

Viagra online overnight delivery usa, Where to buy viagra in USA

Viagra online overnight delivery usa, Where to buy viagra in USA

Event : Bike Trip
Level : EASY+
Location : Meghamalai 
Date : ​Dec 23-25
Terrain : Ghat, NH, Off road 
Total Distance : 1100 kms
Expense : 1500 INR Approx (For Food and Accommodation Only) Fuel will be shared by rider and Pillion
Who Can Participate:
1) Riders who are interested in long distance riding
​2) 150+​ CC Bike’s with v​ery ​good ​c​ondition
​3​) Pillions who are interested in long distance ride also can register
Check out the videos on Previous CTC Motorcycle team Events:
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December 23, 2017 @ 4:00 am
December 25, 2017 @ 9:00 pm
Event Categories:
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