No Lanes, No Lines, No Limits!

Open water swimming was an alien concept to Chennai a couple of years ago. It was nonexistent in the city and dying in the smaller towns and villages.
Even there it was mostly taking bath and washing clothes which saw people coming regularly to the water bodies.
This phenomenon has changed, rather taken a deep dive down the open waters of Ottiyambakkam in the recent years. There are more and more people marching toward fitness in this concrete jungle we live in, this is the major contributor to the increase in numbers for open water swimming.
Ottiyambakkam Open Water Swimming started three years ago with the 10X10 Series of running at ottiyambakkam.
Since then it has grown past imagination in every way possible.
Weekly Events:
Every Tuesday and Thursday sharp at 6am the open waters buzz with swimmers improving their style, stamina, and speed. A 50mtr length of the water is secured with a rope and tubes for the rescue swimmers to assist basic swimmers and any other emergencies. The weekday sessions typically wind up by 7.30am.

Annual Events:
Chennai Triathlon:
Chennai Triathlon, the Tri sport starts its swimming leg here at the open waters since the last two years. This is held twice a year in the months of July and December.
At any given time during the swimming leg of the Tri sport, there are about 200 swimmers in the water pushing to their finish and start of the cycling leg.
This event is a prestigious and proud moment to all associated with it and is managed by the hundreds of selfless volunteers.
The 150mtr length is secured by ropes and tubes along which the rescue swimmers stay on high alert for any assistance.

The new addition to the open water events in 2017 is the Swimmathon.
250 Swimmers from all over the country and a few from other countries participated in the 1st edition of Swimmathon in four categories, 3k/5k/10k/15k.
This being a huge success, the Chennai Swimmathon will be a twice a year regular event hereafter in the months of February and October.
Apart from participating in competitions and pushing their limits in the open waters, the swimmers get a chance to be closer with nature in the Nature Fresh ground waters.
Hundreds of people have come out here and realized their potential on different levels, so many motivational stories coming soon with an Exclusive Sea Swimming coverage that has been happening alongside.
We are moving towards a open water revolution to bring the athletes closer to nature in way of fitness for the body, mind and soul.
If you are a swimmer and not yet experienced the open waters please do join us soon.
If you are passionate about swimming and yet to learn, please take basic swimming lessons in any place before joining us in the open waters to enjoy the laps of mother nature.
Once again…. No Lanes, No Lines, No Limits !!!