CTC has successfully converted its humongous volunteer power and heightened social visibility into focused help for people in need. In the previous year, we were able to bring in smiles in many faces due to the selfless and timely contributions of our volunteers and sponsors. Every time CTC organizes an event (treks, marathons, triathlons), the participants share the expenses and the excess amount goes to the CTC fund which is utilized for verified social causes. Major portion of this fund is utilized in the campaigns and activities of CTC Red Knights (CRK) and Ainthinai respectively. CRK emerged to reach out to the innumerable volunteer support to create social awareness on life saving blood donations, and bridge between the active volunteer donors and the underprivileged sector of patients, being treated in Egmore, ICH and Government hospitals of the city. 

With an effort to shoulder their burden, CRK team and active volunteers extend financial support to aid their parent’s unbearable expenses during the treatment phase at the hospital. We dont stop there, but brighten the ray of hope and bring out smiles amidst their pain, with our biannual goodies distribution, apart from creating social and environmental awareness on hygiene and healthy being. Ainthinai has been actively organizing tree plantation and maintenance activities, organic and terrace gardening initiatives and waste management campaigns. In addition to this, our volunteers have never shied away from contributing, whenever there was a monetary need to support the community or people in need.

It was with the contribution from our volunteers, we were able to put together emergency kits (comprising of rice, sugar, dhal, blankets, saree, candles, matchbox, torch light, dhoti, sleeping mat & cooking vessels) for thousands of families hit during the Dec’2015 Chennai Floods. We went ahead with the rehab for the families who lost their livelihood, rebuild couple of houses, helped orphanages and many families with various needs. This was possible with funds from many kind hearted individual sponsors & corporates.

Our work in the fishermen colony of Senjiamman Nagar started after the Chennai floods where we provided kits, fishing nets and materials to take care of the immediate needs. We took a leap with building after school centre where subjects and other developmental activities take place. The financial responsibility of offering the salary for the teacher is taken care by CTC. On request from the community we built 10 public toilets which is utilized properly. 

We take children from Orphanages and Homes on social treks. The happiness in the eyes of children during the trek is something you cannot explain in words, Its not what they get but what the volunteers take back is the energy and strength at the end of the day. Let us acknowledge our blessings to the privileges we have and things we take for granted. Let us stop complaining. Let us share and derive happiness from the simpler things in life.

The team also contributed financially for setting up a study centre cum library for the hostel students of Seva Samjam School, Chennai. In the same lines, we built toilets for the boys of St. Josephs School in Jawadu hills and also donated sports kits for the students during our ultra marathon in Jawadhu. We also support under privileged students with fees for their studies.

The initiative close to our heart and that we hold we so much pride is the making of a garbage free colony. Curated by our Volunteer Mr. Ashok Rajendran and followed up by the multitude of CTC Volunteers, this is our pet project through which we attempted in educating and training the residents of the fishermen colony called Nochikuppam on source segregation of waste. This was done in a phase by phase basis and the residents of the kuppam have shown great zeal and dedication to the cause, making it a success one day at a time. We are now attempting to replicate this successful model in the Srinivasapuram community in the banks of the Adyar river. 
Another step that CTC took in making Chennai a cleaner greener city is our series of river bank cleanups along the Adyar river and theosophical society. Our annual event – the Chennai Coastal Cleanup is around the corner and we have plans to spend more effort in creating awareness and converting people to eco friendly lifestyle.

As we roll up our sleeves and continue our work, we would like to pause for a moment and thank our selfless volunteers who are attestations to the belief that humans can achieve as high as they set their hearts at. THANK YOU ! for smiling with us and for helping us make others smile. For all your contributions- in terms of time & money. We value everything that you offer equally and with high regards.