Weekday Camp in CTC is a Gateway for Freshers to know more Outdoor activities in CTC as well its Midweek refreshment for our the regular volunteers. This gives us an excellent gateway from the monotonous regime of daily life amidst the traffic & chaos in the city.  As the name suggest, the weekday camp is planned usually twice a month in Mid Weekdays Tuesday night to Wednesday Morning.
In the past one year nearly 25 Weekday Camps have been organized covering around 600+ Participants into our outdoor camping under the open sky & away from the city traffic & disturbances. Our weekday camp have participants from varied varieties of life, covering from collage students to working professionals, families & kids.
The invite for the weekday camping is shared through the fb page as well as the CTC mailers. Participants have to register themselves & post that they are pre-informed about the location by confirmation mail, mostly the Camping site will be around 30-40 km away from the city limits. Once we settle down at Campsite, we cook our own dinner where everyone contribute their efforts & work as a team with lot of fun & chit chat. Post dinner, every one introduces themsleves to the group & share their hobbies & experiences. We have lots of jokes & stories to share to to break the ice & withing no time the strangers become friends. We take up this opportunity to introduce the Chennai Trekking Club to the new comers & give a brief about the different activities CTC is involved in. We give them the overview on our outdoor sports, blood donation drives, clean up drives & various volunteering activities & motivate them to join us & be a part of CTC.

We do star gazing & sleep under the open sky, cool breeeze & bful moon light under small tents. It gives a different experience & helps us to reconnect with nature & its beauty. As a strict policy of CTC, we dont indulge in any littering & use of plastics in our camps. We always make sure we restore the place as it was, before leaving the place.
We get up early in the morning & with little laziness, we heads up to the near by hiking location on one of the many small hills. We start our hiking and reach the hill top to have a glimpse of the beautiful morning sun. There should be some photo posing and shooting session at the peak. Almost 45 mins to 1 hr hike we reach down and return back to office.