Arun Prabahar shares a short insight into the CTC Biking Team

The Motorbiking team has been an integral part of Chennai Trekking Club since its conception in 2010.From aspiring bikers, amateurs to professionals, we have riders of all categories and all walks of life.
The biking team usually rides out twice a month – starting with an easy ride for beginners, escalating to a moderate one and finally a difficult ride for the more experienced.
The CTC riders/bikers are not high-maintenance. We don’t stay in swanky hotels but prefer to remain close to nature.We camp at scenic spots and cook our own food. Its all about enjoying the beauty of our surroundings, getting together with similar adventurous souls and enjoying every moment.

In the past 3 months, we​ have​ organised seven rides of which ​three​ were easy, one moderate and ​two​ difficult. Our usual locations would be in and around South India, preferably unexplored Ghat roads along the rolling green hills.
The seasoned riders take on an arduous and endurance-testing ride aptly named Li​ve​ With Your Bike (LWYB) – spanning across 10+ days in utterly breathtaking places. This is a challenging but rewarding experience which has so far taken us to Goa, Orissa, Leh,Bhutan and Nepal. In 2017, we plan to take it international again – Vietnam.

Our top organisers – Praveen Kumar, Balaji Gunasekar, Inayathullah Khan are exemplary riders who have nurtured the neewbies and stood by the team throughout.
The most impressive aspect about the biking team is the rise of women riders, forming the CTC Women Motorbike Team, which recently rode to Pondicherry. Women have shown their mettle and have proven to be worthy equals or even better than their male counterparts!
We are also seeing many couples registering for our rides and finding new, exciting ways to see the world together.

A testimonial from CTC Women rider Apoorva Raghavan – ” Riding is one of the most immersive ways to travel – it allows you to be intimately close with nature​ and​ ​one with the elements​.​​ We get to traverse an entire state or even a country in a short time while enjoying a 360 degree view of the beauty around us. And riding with CTC has given me many of the best experiences in life, the best of friends and memories. The organisers emphasize on safety first,​ insisting on protective gear,​ careful riding guidelines, co-ordination and teamwork which makes sure that the ride goes without incident. At the end of every trip, we have made more companions and cannot wait for the next adventure”
The increasing number​ of​ motor bike events​ and​ newer locations explored are a testament to the ​rising ​popularity of biking. Averaging 20+ rides a year, we have special X-mas rides, the rain-chasing Get Wet Go, Riding the Loops and much more.
Needless to say, when you call yourself a ‘Biker’ , it undoubtedly has a cool ring to it ! The fancy jackets and​ guards​ aside, we are the same as all travellers. We love to see the world in our own special way, with our beloved machines. Join with us to Live, Ride and Explore. So what are you waiting for?