World Blood Donor Day [14-June-2020] – Thank you Donors

“Blood cannot be manufactured… It can only be donated by generous volunteers”

Through continuous volunteer support, Chennai Red Knights has arranged 6182 units, of which 4528 units from 79 blood camps and 1654 units for emergency requests for 646 Patients since it was formed in 2014.

On this World Blood Donor Day (14th June 2020), we extend our sincere thanks to our volunteers who have been our driving force during blood camps and emergencies. Thank you for giving hope to the most underprivileged and poorest families who get treated in the Govt Hospitals and spreading smiles in their lives.

 Despite a gruelling lockdown starting 24-Mar-2020, 155donors came forward and donated for multiple emergencies during the lockdown period.

Let’s pledge on this special day, that no lives shall be spared to death, with the need of blood. Let’s motivate our family members, friends and peer to nominate for the sharing and caring deed of saving lives

The need for blood never stops. There is always a pregnant woman or a new born child or a dialysis patient or a cancer patient struggling to arrange blood in this Covid-19 crisis. If you are willing to save lives through blood donation, please reach out to the below number:


Chennai Red Knights

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