Happy Birthday Ainthinai – Stepping into 9th Year :)

💚 Happy Birthday Ainthinai – Stepping into 9th Year 💚

Chennai Trekking Club – What was started as a small group to travel and explore nature, transformed into a key conservation and environmental protection wing of Tamil Nadu, resulting in the birth of “Ainthinai”. Ainthinai is derived as the name signifying 5 land spread of Mother Earth namely Kurunji (Mountains), Mullai (Forests), Marudham (Agriculture Paddy Fields), Neidhal (Sea) and Palai (Desert). “Ainthinai” is the Green Conservation wing of Chennai Trekking Club (CTC) which traces its origin to 2012 when a small group of like minded nature enthusiasts initiated the saplings plantation event with the name “Let’s Grow Our Own Oxygen”.  This small effort to increase the green coverage in Chennai city slowly grew into leaps and bounds, to be what “Ainthinai” is now as one of the very important green conservation arms in Tamil Nadu.

Today Ainthinai steps into its 9th Year of its Earth Greening Mission. Over the years CTC Ainthinai has changed the lives of thousands of People leading them through a Clean and Healthy life with Nature. Ainthinai expanded gradually with a wide variety of events to spread awareness about the environment and its various life forms and the need for conservation of Earth’s Godly natural resources. CTC Ainthinai brought in a Change to the living EcoSystem with Tree Plantation as a Major activity.

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A Brief About Ainthinai and It’s Events.

Plantation and Maintenance

Ainthinai’s principal activity is to organise plantation events during the monsoon months and carry planned maintenance of planted saplings during the summer months to ensure the survival and sustainability of plants. The plantation events by Ainthinai focuses on planting the native breed of trees namely  Pungai (Indian Beech), Poovarasu (Indian Tulip),Vagai (Lebbeck), Badam (Indian Almond), Panai (Palm Tree), Anai Kundumani (Red Bead) as per the soil texture and land terrain. The plantation events are carried out majorly in Educational Institutions, Public Roads and residential areas, Living communities, Private institutions and company premises, River and Lake Bunds, Parks and National Highways and Reserve Forest lands. So far Ainthinai has planted more than 27,000 saplings with a survival rate of more than 65%.

Ainthinai organizes plantation events during the monsoon periods mainly from June to February and concentrates on maintenance activities from February till June. Ainthinai ensures a minimum one year of maintenance activities for the saplings. This helps the saplings to survive during the harsh summer and increases the percentage of saplings becoming trees.


Green Day

With the handhold of TN Forest Department, Ainthinai has carried out “Green Day” (Signature event conducted yearly once) plantation events in which close to 1500+ saplings are planted in one single day with the aim to create a self-sustained Eco green space. Ainthinai has carried out such “Green Day” events since 2014 across Kanchipuram and Chennai areas. So far Ainthinai has conducted 6 Green Day programs out of the last three Green Day programs are conducted at Mambakkam near Chennai where 2500+ saplings are standing tall and showcasing the importance of maintenance activities. During the summer months every weekend, 4-5 tankers of water are hired to water these 2500+ saplings which are in the process of making a forest.

Miyawaki Plantations

Ainthinai is also involved in Miyawaki method of planting saplings where the saplings will be planted very closely like natural forest. So far Ainthinai has 13 Miyawaki plantations in different plantation locations where the results are excellent.



Ainthinai shades 7000+ Saplings in its own nursery where numerous native trees are seeded and grew to healthy saplings to be used for plantation efforts. Ainthinai volunteers actively involve themselves in nursery maintenance events to nurture and grow the native breeds which involve activities like preparing the seedbed, seed sowing, pruning, weeding, composting, watering and manuring. Every event in our Nursery starts with a Nursery Walk where all volunteers are briefed on general information and benefits of saplings that are raised.

Apart from TN Forest, Ainthinai volunteers have carried out plantation efforts along with Indian RailwaysHighways Department and TN Housing BoardsAinthinai also works closely with other Social wings and Corporate companies in engaging volunteers, sponsoring and shouldering the green efforts.

Ainthinai Could not have expanded so much without the able support from many Govt Bodies, Educational Institutions and various other communities . Everyone who has contributed their Time and Efforts for Ainthinai needs to accept our Heartfelt thank you for your continued Support over the years.

Moving Next, to the CorporatesEducational Institutions and Other NGOs who have worked with us. Thank you for your contribution with Men and Materials and we gladly encourage you to continue our relationship.

We also extend our Humble thank you to our Support Partners and retailers in providing materials like Mulch, Manure, Volunteer refreshments and Other related logistics.

All this wouldn’t be possible without the Enablers – “❤ VOLUNTEERS❤”, the golden word that brings us all together for a cause and striving hard to achieve in every possible way. Thank you won’t be enough to appreciate your support over the years. Volunteers have been the Backbone and Face of our events. Together we have made the Planet a better place and let’s continue to do that.

We wish each of you to continue travelling with us on a journey with Nature and its beautiful life forms.  

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