Appeal for support to Irulas – Thank You! CTC

Our sincere thanks to all our members who came forward in support for the Irulas. Our team procured & distributed supplies over the weekend, a summary by our team on the ground:
#fundingirulas #covid19support #helpirulas 

So what happens when a distress call hits you smack on the head whilst getting stuff ready for Ottiyambakkam Irulas settlement .. 

You drill down a beat, reach out, and, as it always is ;A village is robbed off 1.5 lacs by a conman.. desperate times seek desperate measures.. a quickfire decision was made to route all supplies to Chinneri Village.. 

An ominous task considering the funds required to help close to 100 families rite, 

And if there’s one thing about CTCians, it’s the ease with which people come together to ensure an event is successfully completed without unnecessary glitz or glamour. 

An endearing & selfless act by volunteers of CTC that’s survived the tests of time and I sincerely hope it stays that way for ages to come. 

Thanks to Hari, Sankaranarayanan, Team_Vanathi, Jude n friends, #BIM, #ACTech and #GRG alumnus and a host of friends n family to supplement the need

A recce to ratify the needs , initially met with resistance soon changed to hope in the presence of a retired deputy collector.. 

Sourcing & Packing by two separate teams led by Karthik at different locations; 

And the ever reliable #trashtroopers to complete the supply chain. We were Game_On for another delivery to the needy.

95 families now have rations for a month.. and the bandwagon moves on.. Ottiyambakkam .. Here we come.. 

To those who can still find their pockets filled with austerity n love.. pls do contribute and help feed the families in need.

Team CTC.

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