To Auroville and beyond

Just like previous years the CTC troops were present in good numbers in the beautiful trails of Auroville:

Some inspiring stories from a few who ran the marathon and just a bit more…

Ashwini Bhat

It’s been 3 years to this exact day since I quit my corporate job and pursued what I love – a bit of photography professionally for an year, running, experimenting with food and importantly having time for myself. Life is beautiful and each passing day reassures my belief that it’s one life and it’s best spent on our terms 🙂

The top and bottom picture in the first collage is from the Auroville Marathon – one of the best trails in South India! What sets them apart is 2 years, 150 kms and my ever growing awe of the legend himself – Peteruuu who goes on crazier adventures each year inspiring thousands of his followers like me.

I vividly remember the conversation we had on 13th Feb 2017 with Peter and Vipul when they had done the Chennai to Auroville run followed by a full marathon! 200kms of distance within a 48 hour window and I couldn’t fathom the fact that something like this was even attemptable by anyone else.

When we have a dream, we got to work towards it and that’s what has driven me since the last couple of years – building base and training in order to make myself fit to someday run with Peter.

I’m happy to share that, that day has arrived and Peter(his second one in 3 weeks) and I did about 192 KM’s of run (with the full marathon at Auroville) from Chennai to Pondicherry! Finished it with a smile and loads of memories. Thank you is a small word but I’m greatful to you for all that you are and what you brought to the world Peter 🙂

Also, my biggest pillar of support – my hubby Sandeep and father in law Sathyanarayana along with my MiL for always encouraging me and unconditionally giving me the freedom without which none of this would have been possible.

#onelife #bethedriver

Hemanth Kumar

The next big thing after Malnad 2018 happened last weekend – my longest multiday run till date!

Amazing experience doing a self-supported run from Chennai to Marakannam (100k) and completing the 12th ed. of Auroville marathon (42k). Despite blistering heat, the route -navigating thru beautiful and scenic trails along the east coast, lip smacking village food and inspiring company made the run enjoyable.

Though the wish of running from Chennai to Pondicherry is still unfulfilled, this journey has inspired me to come back stronger next time.

YOgendra KUmar

“You have to start somewhere, otherwise there is no moving forward…”
A long pending run from Chennai to Pondy, missed it last 2 yrs, so decided to jump into the challenge and spend time with the master Peter Van Geit and other ultra runners.
Unfortunately could only complete 87km due to cramps and joined/finished the Auroville marathon next day (3days of 125km+). I usually finish what I start but a 100 miler is something I am not ready both mentally and physically. Lots of learnings, and my admiration goes to all those who ran and cycled with me, and Sankaranarayanan Venkatesan even returned in cycled back to city Lastly thanks to Peter without whom there would have been never such thing called as Ultra run in my life. And the biggest kudos to Ashwini Bhat, first woman to finish this course with Peter. 
Waiting for the next journey. 

Vinoth Natarajan

Last December, I planned to do Auroville Full Marathon but plans got changed to 21Km run when I decided to cycle all the way to Pondicherry from Chennai and back after run (280KM Round trip in 2 days + Run ). I am able to think of doing these activities knowing that there are always like minded souls in CTC to inspire, guide and lead all the way!

Cycling for about 17 hours and running 3 hrs run in span of 48 hours is personally a great experience for me and doing these activities in a fun group supporting each other makes it even more memorable.I dont want to thank CTC community as it would make me feel like an outsider but wishing that in CTC, we would continue to do these activities and make some great memories because what we share with all is all we can own 


Swathi Sathyanarayanan 

Cycling/ Running Chennai to Cheyur (150k)
Vast greenery, Pokey trails , un-urbanised settlements , Clean water-body, Happy people is all about the place we covered ! 
Back to back 23k- 20 k Running with power nap in-between and some good off-roading in Cannondale! 


 So inspiring to tag along with solid ultra runners! 


Could have asked for a more power-packed weekend! 
Took it easy and got back after the second session ! 
PS: Happy that this is the 3rd consecutive year to Auroville but couldn’t make it to the end point . Yet satisfied as I listened to my body to give ample sleep , food and rest.. 

Brahadeesh Chandran


Feeling Blessed and Blissfull….
Writing this post with a mixed feel of Bliss and Bless
1. Donated blood on the auspicious day in ma life -first day of making my parents proud  Hope everyone understand
2. Completing full marathon in Barefoot


Blood Donation: Blessed
Inspired by the post from my school mate @karthi(takkunu remembered him) and many awarness posts.
Bit deeper:
The important point that i want to insist here is you can donate blood once in 3 months as the blood cells take time to mature only which they can be used.
So you can donate 4 times a year.


“TEAR DROP” cant save lives but your “BLOOD DROP” Can


Barefoot Run :Blissed
I love to run in Trails. Auroville is a place situated near pondicherry where you can find trail with greenery, peacefullness and accessibility to every individual.
From last year I started participating in Auroville run which falls correctly on or before my Birthday.
This year for a challenge i planned to run in barefoot. I got many suggestions and comments from my friends and well wishers to not to run more than 20 in barefoot for the FIRST TIME
But as I realised running is a different sport. You should consider your friends advise and try to test yourself.
I cleared the TEST which i kept for myself.
Ran along with Peter Van Geit(who ran from chennai to auroville) and my running buddies Ahamed HanifaMahesh Sukumar(run booster at the last stretch) and my fellow CTCians.
Need to mention a kind hearted person who kept lemon juice for us in a long stretch
Successfully completed the run in around 15 past 5 hrs.


Running in barefoot gives you BLISS. 
Here’s How….
1. Your feet can feel the ground and can adjust your feet pressure towards ground accordingly which reduces the impact to your leg.
2. Barefoot run strengthens your muscles. 
3. The impact to muscle is 2-3 times more than that of running with shoes which helps you in building the correct muscles.
4. Its a natural way of running as we are not born with shoes
You can think this person is “writing a big post after a single barefoot run”, But i am really blissed after this run.
I accept am also a runner wearing shoes, but barefoot running is a different bliss which you have to experience.
Am perfectly alright after the run…

Am feeling very happy to share my thought and respect your patience to read the long post.


Donating blood makes other LIVE and running makes you ALIVE

Vijay Ram

121Km cycling from Chennai to auroville beautiful interior route. After 2017 auroville marathon this my second time support cycling ride with PeterVanGeit.

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