[Delta Rehabilitation] Restoring Livelihoods – First Phase !

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CTC Volunteering Pongal in Delta !

In continuation with our rehabilitation and rebuilding efforts in the Cyclone affected Delta region we CTCians decided to spend this Pongal festival along with the people there, doing little that we can to bring back the joy and happiness of THE harvest festival that always exist in the villages around this region. For many of the families in Delta region, Coconut tree is one of the primary source of income. Gaja has uprooted 1000's of these coconut trees damaging their livelihood to a greater extent.

Restoring Livelihoods - First Phase !

In an effort to offer them a sustained support, we CTCians decided to source and distribute few coconut saplings. For the first phase, our volunteers have identified 1200 families in 15 villages around Vedaranyam, Pattukottai, Mannargudi, Peravurani,  Ullikottai, Vanduvanjery,  Vadoor and Thenparai. Around 50 CTC volunteers travelled to these villages over the last weekend and split up into multiple small - but enthusiastic 😉 - teams for distributing around ~5000 coconut saplings to these identified families. Each of these families were given 3-10 saplings based on their needs.  In some of the villages, with the help of local support, volunteers walked door to door to distribute and even plant the saplings at few houses.

Marimuthu, 67 years old, a small farmer in the village of Thenparai lost 45 out of the 50 coconut trees that he had in his farm. With no children or immediate family to support he faces a pretty uncertain future. Last weekend our volunteers handed over 20 new coconut saplings to him. We hope that our little help has given him the much needed hope in this time of desperate need. A small video from his farm can be found here.

Restoring Livelihoods - The Future ! 
In the coming weeks, we will be coordinating a second phase effort to distribute more Coconut saplings in the Delta region. If you happen to know about any such village where help is needed/deserved, please do register the necessary details along with a local contact info @ tiny.cc/ctc-delta-req.
Restoring the Green Cover !
Apart from uprooting coconut trees, damaging homes and whatever that came in its destructive path, Gaja has also uprooted many of the native trees affecting the green cover of the delta region. This was pretty evident when we visited the village of Kalluranikaadu near Peravurani. Up until Gaja, this village was situated amidst a forest like environment. CTC along with its green team Ainthinai decided to identify and plant native saplings in delta villages as a long term commitment.
Plantation @ Kottur Govt. school. 
As first step we have identified Kottur Govt. Girls Higher Secondary School where we are also helping to rebuild toilets for the students studying there. Last weekend we have planted45 saplings in the school campus. The varieties of saplings that were planted include Neem, Illupai, Kattu Badham, Pungai, Sorgam and Neer Marudhu. Our youngest but energetic volunteer Ms. Meera served as a bundle of much needed energy for our volunteers on a moody morning. All the saplings that were planted were covered with dry leaves as mulch and proper tree guards were installed. A small informational video from the plantation spot, explaining about some of the types of saplings that we planted here at this school can be found here.
Plantation @ Vaduvoor Bird Sanctuary
Vaduvoor Bird sanctuary, located in the village of Vaduvur around 20 kms from Thanjavur, which attracts numerous birds every year is filled with rich landscape of trees and lakes. Upon request from the local people who maintain this sanctuary our volunteers have planted some coconut saplings on the bunds of the walk path inside the sanctuary and some native tree saplings as well (Illupai, Naval) to aid the existing ecosystem of the sanctuary and also to attract birds.
Education can change the world ! 
Our team also handed over 700 notebooks to be distributed to the students of Kottur Govt. Girls Higher Secondary School, thanks to the generous volunteers.

For every loss, there is victory.

For every sadness, there is joy.

When you think you’ve lost everything, there is HOPE ! 


Team CTC

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