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What are you currently doing (job/study)? Your interests?

I'm a so called IT guy, reporting to a manager and rest, you know 😛 !!

When & How did you get started CTC?

6 years back I started living this mechanized life around cubicles and computers. I had to break out of it as it started consuming my daily life and running was the first choice. Started running every day and attempted a few 10k runs. CTC's CTM 2015 was my first half marathon attempt and it was a great experience. I was able to feel the support from volunteers through the race. From that day, until now CTC has inspired and transformed me.

What are the activities of CTC that you are involved in?

The Cleanup Crew - that's where I started Post Chennai Floods 2015, Ainthinai - The Green Wing,  Running- roads, hills, trails, forests, lakes, ponds, Volunteering at CTC race events, Blood donations etc.

What will you say has been your biggest achievement when it comes along with  CTC?

The ability to connect with People and Communicate. A diverse group of minds with one common motto, to serve this Planet and its Lives. CTC has taught me to be organized, positive and motivated towards anything I try to do. I wish everyone should come through such a Team once in their lifetime to learn, experience and also be as an example for the future.

Share any one of the CTC Best moments you had –

Green Day 2016 - Kambharajapuram, the Pre Event Night Flash Rains, spoiled big and the wettest Plantation event next morning.

How do you manage your work life balance? 

I couldn’t travel or trek with CTC due to weekend work schedules and came Ainthinai to the rescue. Spending a few hours in the morning giving something to nature and starting the day was splendid. I made myself available for any event fitting in my clock. Planting saplings, watering them and related activities refreshed me to try new stuff and exposed my mind to a whole new world. I started leading a safe and healthy life being eco-friendly supporting a sustainable environment. Healthy habits keeps your mind also fresh and lets you explore more. The daily morning updates from CTC 10*10 is a heavy dose of motivation even at my workplace, The usual early lazy hours at office are now being utilized for something productive.

Any specific goals/dream that you are working on?

To explore the remote corners of the world, meet people and learn about new cultures and civilizations.

How has your life changed after joining this CTC?

It’s been a huge change. The amount of positivism and the Can do attitude has risen up. Managed to spend time effectively on matters of interest and I've developed myself to be professional and organized. CTC helped me in taking some huge risks which I will embark upon soon.

Share some of your best moments that you did in the CTC?

Running with CTC was the best thing that happened. Tats how my Stint with CTC started. From 2015 to till date, I've raced all the CTC running events. Crossing the Aid Stations and Finish Lines with hundreds of smiling volunteers, motivating with Full energy even when they haven't slept for the night ensuring proper support for us. Everyone is a Winner!!

We have seen you in leading many of volunteering and how does this helps you outside CTC? 

CTC and Ainthinai gave me the opportunity to learn and lead. Conversing with new people every day helped me in improving my managerial skills and also improved my ability to create and innovate. Giving back something to the society never felt this easy and interesting exposing new opportunities to everyone, every day.

What are your other interests? 

Traveling to Places of historical Significance, reading Thamizh books (for the past one year), Space Research and Astronomy, Music, Writing and Occasional art works.


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