[Delta Rehabilitation] 21 Days ! 217 Homes Rebuilt !

After spending 21 days in the Delta region we CTCians are delighted to announce that we have completed construction of 217 homes for the most affected by Cyclone Gaja. Most of these homes are built for the people in and around the villages of Thenparai, Painganadu, Vedaranyam, Pathukottai, Palaiyur, Ullikottai, Puthukudi, Nallur, Kuruchi, Rajagopalapuram, Palampettai, Thenpathi, Orathur, Kelvathur, Palayakottai, Thulasendrapuram and Therkkunalur.
Thanks to all the sponsors and volunteers who made this significant milestone possible! 
In our next phase of rehabilitation efforts we will now be focusing on rebuilding certain Govt aided schools at Kottur & Ullikottai. And also we will be helping few farmers by gifting them coconut saplings during the Pongal festival coming up in January.

A trip down the memory lane! Revisiting all 217 homes!

Over the weekend our volunteers revisited all the 217 homes that we have helped rebuild in the delta region and have distributed basic needs relief kits to all of them, across 20 different villages. It was lovely to revisit all 217 of the homes that we have now rebuilt. The smile and happiness that we saw on every single face is a magnitude of energy and love to keep us going forward.

He who opens a school door, opens a whole new world for the students !

Last Saturday, we have laid foundation stone for the new toilets that are to be built in the Kottur Govt. (aided) Girls school, near Mannargudi. There are about ~600 girls who are currently studying in this school with no proper sanitation facilities or toilets. Roofs of several classrooms were also damaged by the Cyclone Gaja. With the funds in our hand we will parallely be working on rebuilding them as well.
A small kit comprising of a school bag, notebooks, geometry box and some other stationery items were also distributed to the primary level kids who are studying in the Kottur Govt. (aided) Girls school.

Helping Farmers !

We all know about the devastation that Cyclone Gaja caused to the livelihood of the Delta farmers. Farmers whose main source of income was based on Coconut trees were all dusted to the ground by Gaja. It takes about 5 years to start yielding income from a Coconut tree from the time when its planted. Its going to be a long way to recovery for those farmers who were totally dependent on their coconut farms. As part of our rehabilitation efforts we will be doing a little contribution from our side by donating about 1000 coconut saplings to these farmers. We will be identifying ~50 small farmers in the nearby hamlets of Mannargudi whose livelihood was affected badly by Gaja.
Pongal,  harvest festival, is upcoming. We all know its a festival celebrated by farmers in a grandeur way. This year due to Cyclone Gaja many of the farmers in these villages are currently in no mood or means to celebrate. As a little Pongal gift from Team CTC we will be distributing these saplings during the weekend of Pongal festival to help uplift the mood of the villagers.
Team CTC

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