[Delta Rehabilitation] 191 homes and counting !

Making a person smile can change the world.
Maybe not the whole world, but their own world !!!
Its been 19 days since CTC started its rehabilitation efforts in the delta region by helping rebuild homes that were destroyed by the Cyclone Gaja. Our efforts was mainly focused on helping some of the poor, elderly, differently abled, widows and financially backward people. We are so happy and delighted to say that  191 lights of hope have been lit so far in the delta region by our rehab team. We take this proud moment to thank each and every volunteer and donor who helped us achieve this humongous target.
What started initially as a post-gaja immediate relief efforts to provide basic necessities to the affected and helpless families, it slowly snowballed into this huge movement of rebuilding homes for the needy. Little did we know that we would be able to touch so many lives with our efforts, bringing smiles on even more people.

Trail of Destruction

Having said all this, its been 30 days and more since Gaja hit the delta region causing widespread devastation all around. But the trail of destruction that it left behind is still visible. Our scouting team still find homeless people unable to rebuild what the forces of nature took away from them. Many still without electricity and other basic amenities. In some cases with no family to support them either financially or morally they all await an uncertain destiny. CTC with its volunteers and donors support is trying, as much as possible, to help them.

Rebuilding efforts in schools

As part of Cyclone Gaja rehabilitation efforts we are planning to help rebuild toilets at the Govt(Aided) Girls Higher Secondary School, Kottur (near Mannargudi). 520 girls from classes 6 to 12th are currently studying here with no proper sanitation facilities or toilets. Roofs of several classrooms were even damaged by the cyclone. With the funds in our hand we will be helping them in their rebuilding efforts as much as possible.
Another school that we will be helping as part of our rebuilding efforts is Thaai Tamil Palli’, a school which is run by a retired bank officer Mr. Babu Rajendran. He spends most of his pension money in running the school. This school was identified during one of our scouting trips in the Pudhukottairegion. This is a concept school, one of the few schools in the state that teach kids to think and act using the Tamil Language as the medium. The concept which was introduced by the Tamil scholar Thiyagu in Tirupur in 2004 has resulted in few other schools being built in other parts of the state and the Pudhukottai school is one among them.
Gaja had uprooted several huge trees in the school campus and the roof of the school building was totally damaged leaving the school uninhabitable. Although the neighbors have helped in clearing the trees, Mr. Babu Rajendran is in need of financial support to repair the school before he applies for the renewal of the Government license to run the school next year.
CTC with its volunteers & sponsors will help Mr. Babu to rebuild the school & give him a chance to continue his service to the language and to our Society. 

Media Coverage

Thanks to The Week magazine for extensively covering our current rehabilitation efforts and our future plans of rebuilding in the delta region.
Tireless EB workers
Wherever our volunteers go for scouting in the innermost regions looking for affected people we almost always find our 'colleagues' from the EB department hauling concrete pillars, repairing transformers, fixing power lines, restoring power to the state at neck breaking speed. Its been almost a month since the Cyclone Gaja struck the delta region, from that day on they have been almost working non-stop to restore power back to the villages. No amount of words could ever describe the efforts that they have put in till date.
Team CTC

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