[Delta Rehabilitation Phase – I] 11 Days – 87 Homes ! 100+ Smiles !

We are so  happy and proud to announce that we have now completed  87 out of our initial target of ONE HUNDRED homes. 53 homes were constructed over the past 4 days (8-11 Dec), brightening up the lives of a total of  87 families till now.
It has been a busy & long weekend for our on-field volunteers in the Delta region. With more volunteers from Chennai joining hands, we were able to complete (more than) double the count of homes that we had over the past week. Also, thanks to the experience that our volunteers have gained over the past week which is helping now in efficient and swift handling of construction materials movement. 4-5 different team of local labors are currently involved in construction of huts around Mannargudi and Vedharanyam, with materials & supply support from our on-field CTC volunteers.
Every Contribution counts !
Gifts are special, regardless the occasion. Wedding gifts are even more cherished as they are a symbol of love and support shown by family and friends in their start of a new journey. One needs a big heart to suggest that their marriage gifts be given away for a cause. Here is one such, or more exactly two such example. Our CTC volunteers Mani - Preethi & Ashwin - Abhinaya who got married recently decided that a part of their marriage gift be given away for a good cause. We have decided to use their gift money of 20,000 (10k each) in our rebuilding efforts. It is utilized in rebuilding home for one of the most needed person, Nagarathinam Paati, that we had identified. The amount was used to purchase a load of sticks from Salem. This was used as frames for building her home and some more homes that were built yesterday. Every Contribution counts !

Helping needy families !

As we repeatedly iterate, our on-field volunteers make sure that our rehabilitation efforts reach to the most needy who wont be able to get back to normalcy soon. Here is one such story of a family whose house was completely ravaged by the Cyclone Gaja. Members of the family are currently in hospital with injuries from a wall collapse that happened when the storm struck the delta region. One of the family member's leg had to be amputated. Currently all the family members are in hospital with minor/major injuries. When they will be discharged from the hospital by the end of this week, at-least they will have a Home to return back to.

Another elderly/poor couple lost their once ancestral home to Gaja. They are currently living in a small make-shift hut with little or no pillar support. With the little money they had, they were able to construct this home to protect themselves under a shelter from the immediate monsoon rains that followed Gaja and the December cold. There are more such tragic stories that keep coming in as we are scouting more and more areas.

Help in whatever way you can !

Below images are from a all Girls higher secondary school in the Delta region where ~600 students are studying presently. Among which about 150 students are in class 8-12. They all use this toilet which is of approx 10*15 in size. As you can see, the roof top sheets were all completely ripped off by Cyclone Gaja. Currently all these students, including students who have attained puberty, are all using this toilet without proper roofs and doors. Rather than blaming others, lets help in whatever way we can. Lets be a part of the solution then be a part of the problem. If you are interested to join hands with us please drop a mail to info@chennaitrekkers.org.

Rebuilding goes on ...

Construction of homes (for the elderly, poor underprivileged, differently-abled, widows) is going on in full swing around delta. With more and more building materials being delivered each day there is nothing that's gonna stop us from reaching our target of 100 Homes. By our next update we hope to share the happy news that we had completed construction of 100 Homes, if not more. Thanks once again to all the donors who have contributed generously till date towards our target of 100 Homes 100 Smiles.


Team CTC

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