[Delta Rehabilitation Phase – I] Day 7 – 34 / 100 Homes

7 Days! 34 Homes Constructed! 
If you are interested to be a part of our efforts, please drop an email to info@chennaitrekkers.org.
( Homes 19-34 )
Witnessing firsthand the devastation that Cyclone Gaja caused in the delta region, during our relief efforts, CTC sprung into action and initiated a fundraising campaign through which we raised enough money to kick-start our first phase of rehabilitation efforts, mainly focusing on the poor, elderly, differently abled and widows. We set a mighty target of building 100 Homes. Thats touching 100+ lives with humanity and giving them hope in this time of need. Hope ! which can probably change their life forever.
And yesterday (December 7 2018) end of day we have completed 34 out of the initial target of 100 Homes, putting a smile on a lot more faces and their  lives 🙂 . Our sincere and heartfelt thanks to each and every single soul who have stood up with us in this moment of need and supported us. Without the support that you all provided this humongous target would not be achievable.
Thenparai 19/21
A beautiful village nestled with farm fields in the Delta region. One of the villages that was most damaged by Cyclone Gaja. During our scouting efforts, we have decided to adopt this village and help them rebuild. With the help of locals we have identified about 21 homes in this village that was totally destroyed and the residents who were living there have very little or no means of income to get back on their foot sooner. As of December 5 2018, we had rebuilt 12 out of those 21. Over the past 2 days we have completed an additional 7  homes bringing the total completed homes to 19.
Map legend: Blue – To Do, Green – In Progress, Red – Completed
Chellammal Paati & her fish fry

Chellammal 73, lost both her sons 4 years back. Her grandson, studying 6th standard, is staying with her and supporting her. Their home, which we found totally ravaged during our initial scouting, was laying almost totally flattened on the banks of the Pamani river. While we were building her a new home, she was hoping to catch some fish with her self-made fishing rod in the same Pamani river to feed her family, us included. With the new found energy from the yummy fish-fry, our volunteers swiftly completed her home yesterday, giving back the family a new beacon of hope. 

34 Homes. Lot more Smiling Faces 🙂
Total Homes completed as of 7 December 2018 stands at 34.
Hard-luck stories...
Deepa's home or whatever was left of it by Cyclone Gaja. For the past 2 weeks Deepa and her two kids has been living with tarpaulin sheet as the roof in her once home. Another woman, having lost her husband and daughter, lost her uncle as well who was her only caretaker. She was left stranded, alone, with no one to help her, after the cyclone destroyed her home.  There are more such tragic stories coming in from the delta as we keep building more home and exploring more affected regions.  Let us join hands and do whatever little we can to help them rebuild. If interested to join our rebuilding efforts please drop an email to info@chennaitrekkers.org.
Materials & Construction
For the rehabilitation works, help is pouring in from all over. We are actively sourcing materials in and around delta region, to speed up the construction.  By engaging local contractors and their team, we are swiftly marching towards our target. 
Our CTC volunteer Vinoth's father, Mr. Natarajan, fondly called as 'Appa' by all our field volunteers as well, brought 10 bundles of ropes, 7 tonnes of sticks and a truck load of 14000, 6 foot long good quality thatches all the way from Salem in crucial time. He also unloaded the thatches almost single-handedly, inspiring all our field volunteers.  A big thanks to him for this timely help.
Construction is going on in full swing with more volunteers from Chennai joining over the weekend. With more energetic hands on the deck, we expect to cross the half way mark of 50 homes by today or tomorrow.

Update on Monetary Donations Received

Details of monetary donations received as of date is available in Nisaptham website “www.nisaptham.com” under the title ‘டெல்டா’.
If you are interested to be a part of our efforts, please send an email to info@chennaitrekkers.org
Team CTC

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