[Delta Rehabilitation Phase – I] 18 Done ! More to go !

5 Days! 18 homes constructed! 
5 Days into our rebuilding efforts in Delta region for the poor, elderly and differently abled, our volunteers along with support from local contractors and villages have completed construction of 18 homes putting smiles on as many, if not more, faces. Slowly but steadily we are restoring hope in the hearts of the most needy. Thanks to all the volunteers who have donated generously for lighting up these hearts. Almost all the materials that are needed for construction are purchased locally and with around 20-25 local people being involved in the construction works, as daily labors, we are making our best efforts to stimulate the local economy as well.
Tales of Thenparai & other villages 
Thenparai,  a village in Mannargudi circle, is one of the places severely impacted by Cyclone Gaja. With the help of 2 good local volunteers Lakshman and Murugesan we were able to identify 20 of the most affected people in this hamlet out of a total ~2000 inhabitants. Both these local gentlemen have been guiding us from the start of our rehab efforts. As in other places our rebuilding efforts here are also targeted towards the elderly, differently-abled, widows.
Rajendran, a differently abled person, experiences this world through his heightened sense of touch and sound. Cyclone Gaja almost completely destroyed his home leaving him stranded in rains. Being a person of heightened senses it was devastating for him to cope with, as everything around him was now out of place and damaged. Yesterday (6 Dec) he was one of the happiest souls in town returning back to his familiar space, his Home. His hut is the 18th home that we have constructed as of 6 December 2018. 
Munniyama, a 80 years old lady in the village of Keluvathur. As you can see, Gaja completely cleared off the thatched roof over her head. With the help of generous donations we have received so far and the coordinated efforts of our on-field volunteers and locals we were able to complete her roof just in time (on 3 Dec evening)  before the trough rains set in.
Saroja, a 70 years old widow in the village of  Thenparai. The sight of destruction that Gaja left on her sweet little home was devastating and heartbreaking to say the least. Without any family to support and no other means to rebuild herself on her own she was left to live in temporary shelters nearby. Yesterday she was all smiles with the sight of her Home nearing completion and by evening she was ready to move back in to her Home.
Day 6
As we are reading this, Day 6 of rebuilding Delta homes as already begun for our on-field volunteers. A truck load of ~14000 thatches and 7 tonnes of supporting sticks has just arrived from Salem and another ~10000 thatches in our local depot. A total of 25k thatches and sticks in our stock, which will be used to build ~50 homes in the next few days. With more teams on the ground we hope to achieve that sooner.
As we speak, Delta region is slowly rising back up to feed thousands again. Come and be a part of our rebuilding efforts to help these people get back to normalcy sooner.

Update on Monetary Donations Received

Donations received as of date is being regularly updated in Nisaptham website “ OEM Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise www.nisaptham.com” under the title ‘டெல்டா’. Our sincere thanks to Nisaptham trust for helping us out in this time of need.
If you are interested to be a part of our efforts, please send an email to in…@chennaitrekkers.org.
Team CTC

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