Fitness Testimonial : Sujatha

Hi  there, this is Sujatha – IT Professional /Duathlete/Runner/Cyclist/Tennis and Badminton Player & Hiker.

 “Fitness is not about being better than someone else, it’s being better than you used to be”

 I have always been a fitness enthusiast from my childhood and was into Hockey and Badminton in School days. Have also done lot of treks in Bangalore and in around areas during my work stint in Bangalore.  But after travelling abroad for work with family I had lost few years of my active life due to work/family commitments.

When we came back to Chennai, I started missing my fun days and started looking for trekking groups in Chennai. I found CTC online and signed up for the mailers. I registered for my first trek after a long time in March 2017  to Nagalapuram. It was a moderate+ treks with lot of challenging terrain/climbs/boulder walks, steep climbs with non-stop walks. I completed the trek due to the constant encouragement and motivation received from the enthusiastic co-trekkers and the organisers. I also realized how much out-of-form I was. I could not lift my leg for few days and was super tired. I did couple of treks with CTC in the same year because I want to continue challenging my body and improve my endurance to the level I wanted. In one of the CTC treks to Kodai, during a steep climb my body started giving in and I was just not able to proceed as I was completely gasping for breath. That’s when some of the fellow trekkers (Colonel Raj , Raj Jacob and Ashish) advised I should take up running to improve my aerobic capacity and endurance. That sowed the seeds in my mind that I need to start running !

 I did some research and joined a running chapter in my area and completed few 10 kms as a group in the first few months. That’s when I realized the true bliss , contentment I got by running and made it as a habit to run 3 times a week and slowly increased my distance. I recently completed my first Half marathon in Auroville in Feb 2018.

 CTC has shown me a new world of bliss, –  Trekking , Ainthinai initiatives, coastal cleanup activities has given me so much personal satisfaction as a person and loads of like minded souls as friends. My facebook is now brimming with new friend requests and their constant posts on their active life is a constant motivation for me. I also took up cycling  and have done few 80+ kms cycling and waiting to do my first 100 in April 2018.

 The first step towards fitness is to surround yourself with like-minded soul!. Whenever I post my marathon runs, cycling, trekking posts the first few likes are always from the CTC friends, because they understand what it feels like to push your limits and they understand the quality time spent on all this!


CTC has taught me that life starts at the end of your comfort zone. I am a Proud CTCian and will always be! 😊

 TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY, It’s the only place you have to live.


Sujatha… 🙂

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