We miss you…

Chennai trekking club has gone through the toughest  2 months since its inception. The unexpected fire accident in Theni took away the lives of the organisers and participants of a CTC trek. There was unbearable shock, grief and allegations.
Amidst all this, what was forgotten was that we lost our beloved friends who were excellent human beings, who were fighters in their own right and leaders in many ways. They had big dreams that were cut short by the sudden mishap. The purity, spontaneity and vigor that their youth stood for came to a standstill.
But memories are a good place. For we can visit them as much as we want and relive all the good times and moments lived. And so after respectfully grieving and providing the space for the families, we would like to remember our friends for what they were and what they will be for us.
Our people, our boys and girls who lost their lives, they are etched in our memories. We hiked and biked the same trails, ate from the same plates, picked up garbage on the beaches and laughed about it later while sipping our juices in random road side shops. They are in the pictures we clicked together. They are in our hearts along with those laughs. They are irreplaceably placed in our memories.
What’s more important is they will be in our future too. We will carry their dreams forward and see the world for them. We will run. We will continue to hike. We will still pick up garbage. We will strive to make this earth a brighter and happier place where our people would want to return. We will protect this land the way our friends protected their friends even in a fire.
We miss you guys! Thank you for the lives you lived and the camaraderie that you taught.
CTC misses you.
We invite all CTCians to come forward and share the moments you have spent with the parted souls. Share, write and celebrate them.

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