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Story of Gnanasoundhari Akka – Nochi Nagar “Tree Lover

She is a mother of 2, living in the housing locality of Nochi Nagar (fishing community near Light House). She has been working as an house-keeping incharge but she also has another obsession to save trees that she had planted.

The trees that she had planted along with CTC Ainthinai Volunteers in June 2016 has faced quite a lot of obstacles in the form of human intervention, goats and cattle, and ever increasing garbage pile. When no one wanted to care the trees, she took the responsibility of manually watering them to revive for growth and survival (carrying water kudams from 4th floor). She had even crowdfunded and built a small stone barrier to reduce the plastic garbage from choking the trees.

She has now saved 5 trees of such,which has grown to a height of 10 plus ft. Her love is so immense that she doesn’t even prune them fearing she would hurt them 

Even if you save just a tree..it makes and means a lot of difference to the environment we live. Let’s make the difference !

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