CTC Ainthinai – Grow Your Own Saplings (GYOS) – Success Stories

Grow Your Own Saplings (GYOS) is a wonderful initiative by Ainthinai.

This initiative helped many individuals to pursue their interest of growing saplings in their home. This is another success story of GYOS.

Meet Ms.Apoorva RaghavanPhysician by profession and an environmental volunteer involving herself in plantation events, managing the home produced wastes into compost, a regular blood/platelets donor, one of the key person behind creating awareness about Platelets in CRK and a great volunteer for CTC events to ensure the safety of the volunteers and participants through her profession. The GYOS initiative encouraged her interest of growing saplings in her house. With the help of our volunteers, sheprepared seeds bed in her house and sowed Pungai seeds few months back. The seeds showed a great germination and after few weeks, the saplings were transferred from mother bed to the saplings cover where the saplings were raised further. Recently all these 50+ Pungai saplings have been handed over to Ainthinai Nursery to be used in our upcoming plantations.

Ainthinai is very happy to see Apoorva’s inspiration and delighted to receive the saplings to nursery where the saplings will be nurtured for another few months and used in our plantations.

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Are you inspired by Apoorva?

Then it’s your time to inspire people around you. 

If you are interested to be part of GYOS

please contact us to get the seeds and you can raise it on your own.

Ainthinai – ஐந்திணை

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