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Special moments on special occasions are always memorable and stay close to our heart. When the same is much more purposeful, it gives us a rejoice for a lifetime.

Gifts received from friends are special, but irrespective of its monetary value, materialistic gifts perish over time. When the special gift has a life, we will grow along with it with time and if the same is a Tree which supports many other lives in and around it, it is the most purposeful treasure for an entire lifetime and a real blessing.

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This was a small cutie Pungai sapling planted 4 years ago on my birthday by my Ainthinai friends. I always look for it with fond memories and content, while passing by that road. Today she stands tall, giving shade and shelter to the small lives. In a few years she will blossom and bloom beautifully spreading our happiness around.

Plant and nurture a sapling as a gift for your dear and near on their special moments, for a fruitful rejoicing experience to cherish.

-Ra Arvind

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