Top Volunteers 2017 – Ashish

I got associated with CTC during the Chennai floods. Since then it has become my only reason to stay in Chennai. I was really moved by the work done by CTC during the flood & post flood, & it was really a great feeling to be part of all these.

Post that I started attending all the CTC events & the first one was JHU- my first Ultra Run. I was a novice runner & used to run just to keep myself fit, but once getting associated with CTC, I literally learned the different dimension of running. Running was no more just a way of being fit, rather it has translated into fun, enjoyment & passion. The real turning point was the 10*10 series, where we all came & ran together as a big group. It was a great learning experience meeting so many experienced runners & running at some most exotic locations in Chennai J

Any CTC event, & I was a part of it, either as a participant or as a volunteer. Apart from this I was a regular volunteer for clean up activities at Theosophical society, Srinivasapuram, beach clean up &  CCC. I learned swimming in open waters & successfully completed my half iron triathlon. All because of the support from fellow CTCians.

These lines by St. Jerome will to sum up my whole experience with CTC – “Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Till your good is better & better is BEST.”

It’s a beautiful association with CTC & CTCians which help me to continuously evolve as a better human being who looks out for a more healthier, greener & sustainable way of living, who challenges his limits & goes beyond the comfort zone, inspires others & gets inspired by others.

Would like to thank each & every CTCian for their support, love & care. CTC is not a group, rather, a caring family for me.


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