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9 thoughts on “Update on Kurangani Woman’s Day Trek incident near Theni”

  1. It is an unfortunate incident and our deepest condolences to the families for losing their loved once
    CTC and Peter organize all events like marathon, triathlon ,trecking meticulously and have indulged in cleaning beaches across Chennai for the last few years
    Peter and CTC contribution to the society is immense and I stand with CTC and Peter during this difficult period

  2. CTC brothers and sisters… no words to express my anguish at our shared loss… having participated in CTC events myself, I know how good you are and I will always defend your work… God bless us all

  3. My sincere condolences to the families who lost their loved ones.
    We are a group and we will stand as a group and continue our selfless contrubution to this society.
    I hope CTC starts its activities and operations soon.
    I wish all the members to and stay strong during this tough time.
    My sincerely apologies to Peter van geith on behalf of this Tamil Nadu media who have no respect or sense of gratitude whatsoever.

  4. I was joined with CTC on 2015 in the chennai flood time. I am very proud to be a CTCian.And have many friends in CTC . We did Aindhinai camping, Tree plantation, organic farming, coastal cleanup, plastic awareness, volunteering all CTC events. Past two days i can’t be in peace. My friends and ctcians were passed away.Some of them are injured.And i believe Arun,Vibin,Divya and others must be tried to safe others life till the last breath.RIP my friends.

  5. This incident is very mournful and my sincere condolences to the affected families.. All should be concerned about the families and people who were related with this unfortunate event..
    NO politics should be done over this .. people have lost their life and others their loved ones .

    Let us pray for the concerned families to have strength to overcome this.

    And all our real life heroes who lost their life in this while helping save other folks life,may their soul Rest in Peace! ☮️

  6. Arun Prabahar Prabahar is my own cousin. He lived and breathed trekking. I miss him a lot. The best way to honour him , is to continue CTC what it stands for. Don’t worry what the media says….this is pure an accident…

  7. It is really sad to note that some of the experienced trekkers / and nature lovers of the Chennai Trekking Club had to loose their life during organizing a trek. May their soul Rest in Peace. My heartfelt condolences to the near and dear of the families of the victims who lost their lives in the forest fire.

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