Grow Your Own Food – Ainthinai Terrace Gardening Sessions

Few months back Ainthinai Stepped into a New Venture of Raising our Daily vegetables from the backyard, eliminating the risks of Chemical Fertilisers and Pesticides on our food. 
Two of our volunteers Prasanna from Tambaram and Thanigaivel fro Avadi planted the seed of Organic Gardening in their backyard and raised vegetables like Tomato, Lady’s Finger, Brinjal, Onions and Spinach. This output was a great motivator for the team to extend the practice.
To continue and spread this practice among our volunteers we began Terrace Gardening Sessions last Month and have been getting wonderful response from the participants. The session is for Beginners who are interested in Setting up their Own Terrace Garden or Backyard Garden

Below activities are covered in the session.
1.Potting soil preparatione
2.Seed treatment
3.Seed & sapling sowing
4.Pest treatment
5.Bio booster application

Why Grow Your Own food ?
Decades back when there was no or less pollution people were able to lead a healthy life. But today, with advanced Science developments there are more diseases and ailments now than 50 years before. With reducing natural resources and negligence we introduced Poison in our food in the name of Fertilisers and Pesticides. We replaced Organic Compounds with factory made and processed materials which in turn is leading us to the Hospitals.
The only solution to avoid lakhs of Medical Bills is to Eat Natural and Organically grown healthy food items. More than 60 volunteers have attended the Terrace Gardening sessions held over the last 3 weekends and are all set to lead a Healthy life, free from Chemicals. There are more sessions coming soon and we won’t stop until a healthy lifestyle is created and followed by everyone.

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