CTC Top Volunteers 2017 – Yasin

Once a shy and timid person.. Had fear of heights and even didn’t have guts to see outside of my office terrace.. Always lazy and bored..
Then got to see CTCs fitness test and registered for the same.. Since I used to play badminton in college days, I could able to finish the test within cut off time.. So then applied for Nagala Trek with Sankar and due to his friendly nature, got inspired and registered for Ainthinai events..
Then started going regularly tat I almost attended 80%of weekday nursery maintainance after May 2018 till date..
Then got to explore other CTC events in running, photography.. Preparing myself for swimming and biking events..
Now I am able to survive anywhere and connect with any people.. Proud tat m able to return something to the society and mother nature.. Also inspiring my friends and family


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