CTC Top Volunteers 2017 – Prabhakaran

I have joined CTC in the month of October 2014,Started with Ainthinai weekend events thereafter Ainthinai and CTC becomes  part of my regular routine life.

After Joining CTC, It made a greater impact in both personal and professional life, In my very first event, the moment I took crowbar and started to dig pits for plantation I realized my  body condition, that is the day I started to be participated in  outdoor activities and try to maintain a healthier life.

Due to my profession,  I have been part of so many groups other than CTC, but the selfless volunteering in the CTC which inspires me  to stay longer, During the past years I have come across so many selfless volunteering, like  In trek while getting down, collecting the trash from the hill and carrying a 15kg or 20 kg of trash all the way from the uphill to base or cheering a runner during the whole night in the freezing cold or during a bike trip travelled so far in thar road to see beautiful scenic trails and if any bike got repaired without any second thought volunteered with that biker  to repair and missing all the beautiful trails or in any ainthinai weekday events, early morning travelled 20 km in public transport and participated in that event and from there directly going to the office. The volunteers never cease to amuse me.

A CTC member who is organizers of a bigger events like Marathons,Greenday, Chennai coastal cleanup, Knowingly or unknowingly they learns about how to plan an event where closely 1500 to 10000 members participating and how to execute an event without any flaws and even if any flaws arises how to manage that and also they learns commitment, responsibility, safety and dedications, I even remember  an incident , In jawadhu 2017 marathon  there was a food shortage the day before the event and it’s a village and almost all the shops are closed and our CTC food team volunteers approached one hotel which is yet to close and Chef is also not available to prepare food but  our own volunteers jump in and  made around  250 chapatis that night and cleared the food shortage.

The commitment and dedication level shown by those volunteers are fantastic and no Management school or institutions will teach this kind of lessons like planning execution and we as a CTCian are giving chance to every volunteer almost like 12 times a year or more. All our volunteers at least once in a time they have to be a part of  organizers teams for a bigger events. Being a part of Organizers team in all the bigger events and in ainthinai events made me a better person to handle my professional life also efficiently and effectively.

And at last the friends, CTC has given me inspiring selfless volunteer’s as close friends, and i will cherish the memories with them to my life time. I Have been benefited because of CTC and I always loves to payback to CTC family by serving to the society and my only desire is to be associated with CTC forever.


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