CTC Top Volunteers 2017 – Manjunathan

After completing my college life two years was going good with IT job and sleeping weekends. But I felt something was missing.
One fine day my colleague Pradeep introduced CTC to me. When i saw the group mail there was a call for CTM16 Volunteers. Without knowing a single person from CTC i registered to that event. In that event itself I got good souls as friends with whom i travelled almost one and half year with CTC.
CTC gives me different dimensions of life and took me close to Nature. Each and every event which gives me a lesson, joy, memory, adventure and ofcourse true beautiful souls. That also makes me feel proud, shameful,  shameless, anger and some times hungry too😋.
Initially I started with Theo clean ups and few treks. Then it extended to the Nochi, Srini volunteering, Ainthinai plantations, maintenance, hill runs in weekends. Then all of these slowly become a routine in my life.
One of my best moment is @Nagala when Peter point to the clear sky, 1000s of stars from a ridge and says “see thats the life”. Don’t know why he said that, but i wanted to get lost in that sky at that moment.
Then came to Nochi and Srinivasapuram and involving in that made me feel good as giving back to the society. Thats also full of fun with our green worriers.
Ainthinai taught me that we are living in a world borrowed from our future generation and not inherited from our Ancestors. So we need to give them back as much as possible.
I have participated in most of the ctc events like cleanups, zero kuppai moments, sports event volunteering, plantation, hill runs, blood donation drives, each has it own dimensions and unique learning spree.
Chennai Trekking Club which shows a different perspective of life and gave something to me which made me feel alive!!!
Its a pleasure to be a CTC volunteer.


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