CTC Top Volunteers 2017 – Jatin Singh

It was a day when Vasu called me for an event saying I will like it. I have to camp overnight and do some plantation in the morning. And I went for the event for two reason. One, I wanted to take my bike for a ride and another is, I’ll get to know one more place in Chennai. And my ride have not stopped ever since. Plantation and maintenance activities in Ainthinai gave me pleasure like nothing else in the world. Being in Sholinganallur also helped as I am staying near 2 green mayanabhumi spots as well as 2 nurseries. Little adjustment in schedule and fun for whole week was guaranteed.
In the same way, I went on donating blood for first time in my life. Mani shared the importance of blood and how much the patients need it across Chennai. And I have donated blood in every 3+ month. I made sure I keep myself ready all the time.
And how can I forget my first bike ride to Yercaud with CTC. Once you go with CTC riders, you can’t stop registering for rides. And in one year, I have become regular rider as well as volunteer.
Wait! There is more story left. The back packing to Nagaland and unplanned visit to Meghalaya. This made me fall in love to nature as well as travel.
CTC never stopped surprising me with all the volunteers, runners, trekkers, riders, photographers with such motivation.
Being nominated as top contributor is an honor. Truth is working with CTC is fun that I don’t want to tread with anything. #HappyVolunteering


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