CTC Top Volunteers 2017 – Infancia Sylvia

CTC has always been my second home. Joined as a Photographer for a event in 2014  since then I have learned so many things. CTC is a place where I got an opportunity to take my passion (photography) to the next level.
So many inspiring people in different fields. Got to meet many and gain so much knowledge. This family has always have someone or the other to guide you. My favorite team is Ainthinai. They are doing a great job by turning the earth a better place.
Taken my next step as a Photography Organizer with Pramod and Vijay. Thanks for them for all their support and encouragement. And thanks to all my fellow CTCians and to Peter for being such inspirations. Being a women is no excuse in CTC coz everyone is equally treated. So overwhelmed to get the TOP Organizer 2017 award. I hope CTC will inspire many young minds in future too. Once again thank you everyone. Keep Supporting.

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