CTC Top Volunteers 2017 – Anbu

I once had limitations in my mind that i can’t even run 2 km but now am a ultra runner.   CTC taught me that Sky is not the limit, fight with courage and reach for the stars!Last year I completed 2 full marathons, 5 Hill run, Half iron triathlon and so many treks including self supported dual trek in Himalayan range.
         I have started my journey with CTC from kotturpuram cleanup and then theosophical society.Then i saw a mail  for the pondicherry running and cycling and luckily i have been selected  in my first outdoor event  and it made me realiseing the joy of outdoors .
          I was so lazy to wake up in the early morning before knowing the benefits waking up early morning. Then i started participating every event like:
Monday – running,
Tuesday & thursday- open water swimming,
Wednesday & friday -Cleanup and
Weekends trekking or hill run or cycling. It helped me to know my hidden talents and helped me to grow .
I have volunteered  and participated in all the events of CTC like JHU,KHU,CTM,Triathlon,Chennai coastal clean-up, Green day,Trek polama events for past 2 years and it helped me to  know about me, nature and totally my perception about the world.
         Thanks for showing me the benefits of outdoors and making my life awesome. Happy to be part of CTC which inspires many people.I  wish CTC celebrates Trek Polama 100 and Many more. Cheers to all selfless volunteers.

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