Post Event Writeup – [CTC]Ainthinai – Back to Our Roots – Paddy Transplantation – 23rd Dec 2017 ( Saturday)

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First, I am thankful to CTC and the organizers who have arranged this event. This was a wonderful event and everybody got a great experience and a thoughtful day.  

We woke up in the early morning and came to the place where we started our event, that place was known as VALAM community farm. The fields were large and initially it was hard to walk and to plant the crops. One group of people entered the field, and few others threw the organic fertilizers on the field.

Few of our volunteers plucked the seedling from “Nattarangaal” where the paddy seed has grown for 21 days and gave it to the people who are ready to plant. Since all of us are knew nothing about plantation, one uncle explained us, how to plant the crop in the field. They had good idea for make the plantation easy. They brought the lengthy nylon rope with a stick tied at the two ends. Two volunteers hold the stick at the two ends of the field and made us to stand on the straight line and we planted in front of the rope. One should plant three to four lines of crops.

We have planted some lines and other group of people came and planted the crops on other side of the field and we finished the first field and it was coffee break and all of them drank the “Sukkumalli” coffee. We are energetic now to start work on the other field. Totally we finished three fields and all of us cleaned their legs and hands to eat our breakfast. We had pongal, sambhar, chutney, vada and aaval dish and took group photos and the owner told many things about agriculture and valam community farm, and the event was over. It was my first experience in paddy plantation and i had great experience along with my family. Thank you By, KapilanVeera .E


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