CTC Navigation Bootcamp 2018 – Module 1 – Map Creation & Route Navigation

Welcome to Map Reading & Navigation Demystified! The 2018 edition of our bootcamp has been completely revamped to make it less technical and easier to master for anyone! Don’t miss to sign up over here. Let’s get started on creating your own maps & navigating your first route.

Install following apps on your phone:


My Maps
My Tracks (or any recording app)


My Maps (available through browser)
Any recording app like Strava
Map Creation
Open “maps.google.com” in your laptop browser
(If you don’t have access to laptop/desktop, this part can be completed using Google My Maps on your phone also)
Click top-left menu and choose “Your Places”
Click on “Maps” tab and choose “Create Map”
Rename it as “My First Map”
Zoom into your home location
Select Balloon symbol and place a marker near your home
Select Line symbol and draw a closed route nearby your home

Cover around 1km and include various streets and turnings

Route Navigation

Open Google “My Maps” on your phone and open “My First Map”
The same map you created on your laptop will be displayed on your phone
Step outside your home and switch on your phone GPS
Your location will be displayed as a blue dot and direction of movement with blue arrow:

>> Take a screenshot of your map on your phone

Route Recording
Open Google “My Tracks” app on your phone
Select “+” symbol to create a new Track or Route
Press the red dot to start recording your track
Start walking now and follow the route you created above

Switch to “My Maps” and keep walking along the route until you complete it fully
You can track your location and direction using the blue dot displayed
The “My Tracks” app will keep recording your route in background

Once you complete the entire route switch back to “My Tracks”

Press the gray square on the bottom menu to stop and save your recording as “My First Route”

>> Take a screenshot of your recorded route on your phone

Completing Module 1
Upload both screenshots above in a public album
(e.g. Share to “Google Photos” from your phone, add to public album)
Submit a link to both photos in this form 
Every member of each participating team is to submit this first assignment
Some more challenging field assignments will have to be done as a team effort

The bootcamp team will review and give you feedback within a few days

You are ready now to step off the road in module 2 “Satellite maps and Trail marking”

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