Running Testimonial – Elakia (mother, home maker, badminton player, yoga practitioner & runner)

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“Strength doesn’t come from what you can do,
it comes from OVERCOMING the things you once thought you couldn’t do”
Hello Everyone, I am Elakia, mother and a home maker. 🙂
Fitness isn’t new to me. I am an avid badminton player and also practice yoga. I have little relish for sports. But running definitely is new to me. I am a novice in running. Infact a year ago I was someone who couldn’t even continuously run for 10 mins. Maybe I wasn’t interested then or should I say, I haven’t realized the bliss of running then.
I actually took up running in the first place to increase my stamina and fitness for my badminton game. Later I developed a fondness for it.
Knowing my interest in sports and trekking, a family friend of mine(already a CTCian)posted me the link for KHU. He suggested and encouraged me to give a try at this hill run. KHU was my first ever running event. Nature always fascinates me, so just for the name of Hill run, I registered for half marathon(really 🤔 21k in the 1st attempt, I know ). Actually Changed from 10k to 21k, just to get a chance to run through the woods😀😜.
I was so skeptical if I could finish, since I didn’t have proper practice on ground itself.
Practice at Hill !! Never bother to ask. (But never skipped my game though. Kinda addicted to it.)
Anyways I made up my mind, at least to finish, forget about the cutoff time.
But when you see so many like minded people around you and their love for running, how much ever the distance to cover for the first time, will be within the reach.
That happened to me. Ssss!! I got the medal !!
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I am happy but not proud though, since didn’t put up required practice then.
But I do know one thing for sure running is going to be a part of my life just like badminton and it is.
My first run turned out to be a great and a memorable one indeed. I made good friends and thanks to the organizers who helped me out.
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Great job by the organizers and volunteers of KHU there. Kudos to them.
go About CTC…
When my friend told about it, initially I wanted to be associated with this group mainly for trekking.
But man, this group is not just about trekking, There is so much more, so diversified. When you get to hear about core CTCians, you will definitely be self motivated. CTCians are really inspiring, motivating and helpful.
Trust me you can see change in your life, a good change.. constructive one.
I am definitely gonna keep extending my participation in CTC events. And I am doing it as well ☺
For beginners like me, I would say, never have doubts.come outta your comfort zone. Start running. Find your love in it, am sure u wouldn’t ditch it😉
Stay fit. Stay healthy. Stay happy.
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Elakia (a proud mother, home maker, badminton player & runner)

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