Post Trek Write-up – Moderate+ Trek to Nagari – 3,4 Feb 2018

Write-up and Video-log from the recent trek to Nagari by the team:

Venkat Ram shares his first trek experiences:

This so happened to be my 1st Actual Trekking experience . The day before the trek I was packing all the eatables in my new backpack because it’s a 2 day long trek. 

1st day was bloody fun, Literally 😛 . We started the day by walking to SadaShiva kona. The gang was moving forward at quite a rapid pace . I got stalled in the back with tummy full of tiffin. Thats when I had to puke  😀 (Well Kept secret) .Thanks to Prasanthi and Dharma again for having the patience for walking back with me to the falls.

After the initial struggle my body got a hang of the walking and I started moving at a good pace with the team. There was NO TALK, ONLY WALK movement till we stopped for lunch . 

The lunch was short but not sweet. But yeah we were not there to eat. So, up to peak we started the climb again. 


The peak: Yeah this was the happier part of the trek for most of us. After sorting out where to keep the bags near the Water rock , we started the climb to the peak . The climb was always steep and brisk. The peak view by itself was gorgeous . The view was surrounded only by the other gorgeous peaks nearby; we had fun climbing on a damaged beacon tower and doing monkey stuff. There were many DP’s and Selfies taken 😀
Night: After climbing for 8 hours straight ,the camp site was a welcome sight for me (for others too). HOT UPMA made the dinner plate, but the night was hard on me with swollen legs and Snoring people around. 😀

Descent: Yeah morning happened as usual and we started the descent. The descent was the most adventurous part of the trek with Rock slides, Mullu chedi and more mullu chedi. Team work made us stick together. Legs became numb after a while. After we reached the valley it was a brisk walk for another 2 hours till we reached the village. Village and civilization was another welcome sight. Got a pretty bumpy ride back to Bypass road . The other fun starts now . We waited for the van and after the van reached everyone sort of let out themselves. This was the most happiest part in the trek for most of us 😀 The van journey back home was filled with Silk Smitha and other old folk songs ;)Never ever I have been so hard, pushed by a trek. Initially I thought I can’t walk a full mountain, reach its peek at 1095Metres altitude and descent back. Thanks to the organizers for instilling confidence in us and keeping the team moving 🙂 Thanks everyone for being friendly and social in the trek

From CTC regular Ramanujalu:
Hello all.. “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” – Lao TzuWell
Having said (or may be copying) that,  after all the efforts to book a train ticket,  a comfortable bus ticket, our Bangaloreans first step started with booking a basic bus. The bus didn’t let us rest our ‘weekday’ tired body. Never the less, our adventure seeking soul didn’t kill the enthusiasm even a bit.
Sadashiva Kona: Base camp of the enjoyment/entertainment about to come. After the usual chores, stepped  into green jungle away from the concrete jungle to conquer THE NAGARI. They (whoever they are) say “the destination is not important but the journey” is, i believe are trekkers.
Even with minimum intro of ‘THE gang’ (going to be reffered hence forth) the journey was sweaty and sweet. T
he bonding among the gang was like
Bread and butter
Bread and jam
BoliChappathi and
And many more super market amd few hommade items.
This bonding description is strictly in sense of lunch only. 😉
Having lunch.. innings started again.
It is said, “You are as fast as your slowest team member”. And seemingly blore team happened to define the speed of the gang. With all the pickups and hiccups (with full entertainment included) reached water hill and the peak. 
Personal peek.. In prior two efforts, couldn’t get enough time to spend on the peak (although with peter).
The best part of the first day starts now.The cooking.
Accumulation of fire wood and fetching of water under the stars was a cake walk or may be ‘upma’ walk. 
The food is definitely good, but the fun around the fire was stupendous. 
Apart from the ghee upma, the mouth-watering (even now) chutney and chicken was yummy and splendid. (The latter two courtesy – My brother Rajkumar).
The next best thing to mommy’s lullaby is a sleeping bag under stars.And can definitely understand the plight of the bodies without a bag. Rather you squeezed the max out of the night.
AGAIN The cookingThe taste of the milkpowder was never so lip smacking. After the coffee and breakfast and completing different tasks, the fun resumed.
The wait to again experience the trail of Nagari wasn’t easy. For the novice in the gang, the descent scared her to the core. The breath taking views are of course the oxygen of the breath.With a peekaboo from other group and lost between trails, somehow met the already delayed gang.The valley walk after that was another bonding chance for us with the gang.
The session after reaching the village was even better. The costly and bumpy auto ride.. the wait for the TT.. the photo browsing (or peeking into)session of sarat was toppings of the trip. 
Shouldn’t miss
1. The photgrapher Shashi Bhushan
2. The sweeper Naresh with his limitless patience
3. One and all for the helping hands(or sticks) in between
4. Last but the best Prashanti. Even  My earlier two Nagari experiences were not this complete. In every sense.

Rajkumar Sundaram on his experience:

Though we started a little late in Chennai, we managed to reach the base by 9.30 AM and begun to trek.  I met new trekkers for the first time in this trek. The energy and the spirit was great till the end I would say. It’s my second trek to Nagari. I was told that Nagari would be a bit dry generally. But I did’t feel that way. The first one was during the monsoon and it was raining at that time. This time the weather was good almost for the entire trek.

 I believe we didn’t waste much of time on day one. By the evening we  reached the peak a we got the opportunity to sit and enjoy the amazing view from the peak. Later we were heading to our camp site when it was just started to getting dark. This is where some of us faced our real challenge. We never expected that night will be this cold. Those who didn’t  bring their sleeping bag or any dress which can fully cover them, had a long night ! Sooner we have started the fire and sat around it. Some us tried to sleep close it as well. We were just waiting to sun to come up. It was indeed a night we would remember.  

Well the other half who came prepared and who have good tolerance for this cold, might have not felt the same way. We started reasonably earlier on the second day. The trail / Valley we went on that day was really amazing. Some time it’s had to describe the natures beauty in ordinary words. Except for couple of places it was not that hard on the second day. 

I would like to personally thank each of you for sharing your food and snacks among each other. Though I would recommend you all to cut down the snacks a little bit. My reason for trekking is get out of our comfort zone. Starting from our phone, computer, sound system or the place we live and work, we choose or customize it make ourselves comfortable. These treks helps me realize that I can live without that and makes me understand my physical and mental capabilities. A youngster feels that riding his bike faster than every one is an adventurous thing. But it is not the adventure. Surviving the cold night without roof over our head is an adventure. Everything we could do in that days counts as a real adventure.

And I want to thank:
Photographer Sashi Bhusan
Sarat for that kick-ass Video. 
Our sweetest  sweeper Naresh for being there for us. 
And each of you guys I met in this trek.
When I started back to trek last year I was not in good shape. It was difficult for me when on my first trek with Prasanthi. I still remember how nagging I was at that time. I am still half the way only. But I have the confidence that I can get better. 
And I hope our paths will cross again.
Link to the V-log created and compiled by Sarat C Rodin:
Photo credits:
Sashi Bushan

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