CTC Top Volunteers 2017 – Sundar Subramaniam

I am a Natural Lover and enjoy spending time with Nature. It’s all started with few treks with CTC in 2011. I was very much admired by the way of organizing the treks and focus on retaining the natural forest. The young organizer of the Chennai Trekking Cub group have been well trained in preserving the forest / mountain environment. Though I have been practicing the plastic free environment at home even before joining CTC but this group dedication was awesome, which improved my way of life to contribute further to protect the environment apart from my home.

I remember my first participation of Tree Plantation at Police Quarters, MRC Nagar, Mandavelipakkam. If I am right, it was the first or second tree plantation of CTC. Group of tree lovers get together to form a team to save our city from Pollution. Infact, my impression of Policeman also changed, because, I thought police is focusing on City Civil and Crime cases. I found that, those policeman was very much interested to save the city by planting more trees in their quarters in spite of their transferable job. Great Job !!!. That moment, I have decided that, I need to focus more on planting tree and save the environment as much as possible from my side. I started participating more tree planting events through CTC and other groups. Subsequently, the new wing of CTC “Ainthinai” formed. I was involved in “No Plastics Challenges” and encouraged many people in office and also friends to join CTC to contribute for the CITY green environment. Participated in every year Beach clean-up and multiple tree plantations events.

I have started my Terrace Gardening in 2013 and make my Home as Green Environment with Natural resources. I have organized Composting workshops and Terrace Garden Workshops in 2014 on wards for Ainthinai and various other groups. Spent my time to create awareness of waste management and getting organic foods from terrace garden. I should Thanks CTC and Ainthinai for my focus on protecting the nature and also contribute a little to save our environment. Ainthinai has grown very big and changed several peoples mind to save our trees and creating more greener environment of our city. Thanks a lot for all the enthusiastic natural lovers. I happy that, I am part of this proud group.

You all welcome to my home and see, how we live with nature and make use of Natural resources. Created a Waste management system in my home (multiple composting methods), Rain waster harvesting, Organic terrace gardening with multiple Herbs, Vegetables and Flowers. To add that, I have Solar Heater, Solar Power Supply for Home and partial output goes to government, I believe that “Change in an Opportunity” and CTC is given an opportunity to change my life style. Thanks a lot for this group.

Let us create more green Chennai.

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