Trek Polamaa 2018, Feb 17-18, Speaker Profiles: Wildlife Conservation, Jayachandran S

Topic: Wildlife Conservation.

Jayachandran will share his experiences about his journey into conservation from a bird watcher to a conservationist from Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve.
About Speaker:

Jayachandran won the Sanctuary Wildlife award for his pioneering work in key protected areas of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Karnataka. Since the last three decades has been a key conservation leader in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and surrounding areas. In 1990, he started the Tamil Nadu Green Movement which has been actively assisting the forest departments in law enforcement and advocacy. Jayachandran and team were able to form a collective – Vidial meaning new dawn. 
The poachers abandoned their hunting activities, surrendered their way and have been helping turn other poachers into new livelihoods. Ever since they have been helping the forest department in patrols using their jungle skills and their knowledge of nuances in poaching. Thanks to the initiatives of Jayachandran, many ex-poachers are now transformed and are currently engaged in conservation activities in the Nilgiris. Jayachandran has been instrumental in stopping several road and tourism infrastructure projects in ecologically important forest areas including BRT Tiger Reserve in Karnataka, Mudumalai and Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserves in Tamil Nadu. He sincerely believes that the key to protection of our natural systems lies in the younger generation and that they need to be not just inculcated with love and enjoyment towards nature but also a responsible attitude of protection of the same.
Chennai Trekking Club Turns 10 this February and If there is one event that brings all the nature-lovers under one roof, it is “Trek Polama”, the annual trekking symposium organized by the Chennai Trekking Club. Trek Polama is a two-day event that comprises talks, workshops, live demos by renowned speakers, in addition to a range of indoor and outdoor activities which happens on Feb 17-18, 2018. Don’t miss out the talk that will change your way of living !! What are you waiting for?

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