Trek Polamaa 2018, Feb 17-18, Speaker Profiles: Rock Climbing, Sohan Pavuluri

Topic: Rock Climbing

Sohan will share his experiences about his rock climbing initiatives.
About Speaker:

Sohan believes that one need not quit the day job to pursue passions, and his productivity in the outdoors goes to prove that you can be both a desk jockey during the weekdays, pursue outdoors with passion and still juggle a family life.
Since 2008 he has been influencing the outdoors landscape around Bangalore; as co-founder of Southern River Runners, and then subsequently as the founder of Bangalore Climbing Initiatives which has helped reinvigorate the outdoors climbing scene around Bangalore, has personally established over 50 climbing routes around Bangalore, and has written the guidebook to Rock Climbing around Bangalore.
Chennai Trekking Club Turns 10 this February and If there is one event that brings all the nature-lovers under one roof, it is “Trek Polama”, the annual trekking symposium organized by the Chennai Trekking Club. Trek Polama is a two-day event that comprises talks, workshops, live demos by renowned speakers, in addition to a range of indoor and outdoor activities which happens on Feb 17-18, 2018. Don’t miss out the talk that will change your way of living !! What are you waiting for?

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