Thanks notes from Ainthinai

Thank you so much Ainthinai Volunteers

It is the end of this calendar year and starting fresh new year, It’s high time to thank everyone who contributed for the Team Ainthinai – Chennai Trekking Club.  We remember the days where we have started the Green Conservation at 2012 with the limited volunteers focusing all types of work needed for making a tree plantation event from doing survey on the location to planting successfully with volunteers.

Now, we have very strong base of volunteers who shows their helping hands in all of the vision and Mission of Ainthinai activities.  We have come up with speedy and consistent actions with the great support of every volunteers who got the passion of planting trees and showing the excellent attitude on the assigned tasks. These lovely volunteers motivated us to keep going on our green path without hurdle.  We may not put in words the volunteering to say “Thank you” for everything.

Respect all the Ainthinai volunteers for showing consistent support on all the Green Events and Thank you so much for great contribution. Your presence and involvement made us to achieve lot in the Year of 2017.  We are all fortunate to work for Mother nature. We CTCians must be the unique guys to understand the meaning of Trees,Seeds & birds etc as we move close with Mother Nature by the activities like  trekking,Hill run and also we should be the more responsible person to give something back to Nature in form of planting trees and maintaining the same. It is another high time to thank our CTC and our Mentor Peter who are the driving force of every single action of Ainthinai.

Without his support & encouragement, it would not be possible to See Ainthinai inspiring lot of minds towards green conservation.

Thanks to all the sponsors for caring & sharing the valuable amount with us for green events, Thanks to the trek organizers/participants who supported us by sharing the trek balance amount to Ainthinai for green cause.

Thanks to TamilNadu forest department for support with saplings, providing permission in social forest areas

Special thanks to the regular volunteers for helping in all Pre & post events and extending their time always to make the event successful, Respect your time.

The Ainthinai Contributors throughout the year did a unique support and commendable jobs and we value every contributor’s time and effort.

Once again thanks all the volunteers for providing us great support and will continue to rock and inspire more people into green activities.


GYOS – Grow your own Sapling


The GYOS process was introduced among the volunteers to feel the growth and also give them the thought of raising a life. Watching the sapling grow from the seeds brought in a lot of positive energy and made their life peaceful and better.


·  Maiden attempt to raise saplings from seeds started in Feb 2017.

·  200 plus GYOS kits containing native seeds, covers, soil and manure given to volunteers

·  More than


000 Saplings raised from seed beds in few of our volunteers back yard gardens

·  Saplings raised by volunteers under GYOS planted in our Annual Plantation event. Green Day 2017, at mambakkam.



 Green School

​ ​


Ainthinai’s  efforts of today are for the lives of tomorrow. With that in mind we decided to reach out to kids in school and plant the seed in their heart to be friendly with the planet and its resources.


·  More than 400  tree saplings planted in schools

·  Vegetable and herbal garden setup

·  Effective waste management – Compost pits installed and awareness sessions on source segregation.

·  Paper making workshop by reusing papers

·  Session on sanitation and dealing with menstruation by experts.

·  Movie and documentary sessions on nature and wildlife.

·  Drawing and quiz competitions, story telling workshops.

·  3 Schools in Chennai now under Ainthinai’s Green School initiative.


Summer Maintenance 2017


2017 saw the worst of drought and water scarcity in Tamilnadu with rainfall not as expected in 2016 monsoons. Also, the summer was in its peak with temperature soaring above 40 degrees. 

To prevent the loss of saplings to heat we decided to water the saplings in major plantation spots.

·            Volunteers travelled overnight every weekend to Green day Spots in Kambharajapuram and Padappai to water the saplings.

·            Water was bought in 5000 litre tractor containers on a weekly and alternate week basis.

·            Same was done in Thiruvadisoolam, Thiruporur and Sholinganallur Mayanabhoomi and TNHB plantation spots.

·            The effective summer maintenance has resulted in excellent growth and approximately 65 to 70% survival rate. 


Green Day 2017 – Mambakkam

This year Green day location were chosen to be closer to the City limits for better maintenance and frequent visits and help engaging volunteers more green events.

                  ·        Mambakkam – 1300+ saplings were planted in Social Forest area of Mambakkam on September 2017 and utilized the Northeast monsoon rain for the initial growth/survival.

                 ·        300+ CTCians were engaged to plant the saplings in this Annual event

                 ·        600+ meters distance of Trench were formed to protect the saplings from live stocks around the village and gives better protection

                 ·        Miywaki method of plantation were also performed in the same location by planting 50+ saplings covering 10X10 feet area. This would be trail space to raise tiny forest using miyawaki method.


Green Highways

Ainthinai team is engaging with Highways Department with the intention of making green highways to plant native saplings around the highway stretches in and around Chennai & Kanchipuram.

                   ·        2000+ saplings planted around the highways in the year 2017

                   ·        Energetic support from Highway Department to provide permission and support to the events

                   ·        Periodic maintenance is happening in all the locations by Highways department and results in better survival rate  


Green Ponds

Ainthinai team engaged in planting saplings that are friendly to water bodies around the ponds. 

                ·        Overall planted 500+ saplings in three different ponds – Avadi & Uthiramerur

                ·        Helps to restore the ponds ecologically having required trees in place

               ·        Spreading awareness of water bodies and its conservation


Back to our Root – Organic Farm Volunteering



Back to Our Roots is one of the initiative of the Team Ainthinai , that gives the platform to engage the volunteers to work in a farm land and understand the methods of organic farming through experts

                 ·        Engaged with Valam Community Farm and few other organic farmers to visit their farms and volunteering to experience organic way of cultivation practically

                 ·        Organized few events in the farm in Uthiramerur,Singa perumal kovil and Mambakkam.

                 ·         Ainthinai spreads the awareness of natural way of farming through these kind of events


 Ainthinai Nursery



Sometimes good things happen/ start, when you least plan it. A Nursery for ainthinai has been in thoughts/ heart of many of us for some time. It finally came to life in Jan’17, partly thanks to ‘Vardha’ cyclone – Many trees getting uprooted hurt many of us very badly.And thus started Ainthinai Nursery v2.0 at Sholinganallur/ Akkarai (Yes, there is a history to it – We will keep aside v1.0 for now to keep this short:-))

 Around 5000 saplings being grown/ maintained at nursery.

 Iluppai, Poovarasu, Pungan, Puli, Neem, Vaadham, Yaani Kundumani, Naatu Vaagai , Naatu karuvelam,Koduka Puli, mango saplings have all been raised from seed beds.​

  • Saplings collected from wall cracks, road pavements etc and grown safely for plantation in safe spots.
  •   Steady inflow  of Seeds and rescued saplings through our volunteers and CTC running community.
  •   Trial and error experiments to stimulate seed germination for different types of seeds.

 Statistics aside – It’s altogether a different feel /enriching experience for each of the volunteers to sow the seeds, see the seeds germinate, then repack them to covers, and finally plant them to see them ‘Grow’ as trees.

 Through 2017, this nursery has seen big hearted souls who gave / continue to give nursery space, 70 year old thaatha who takes care of our saplings at one of the places, 75 year old paatima who transplanted saplings for us with child like enthusiasm, and each of those kids who spent their weekend evening at nursery – and the list goes on.



Green Mayanabhoomi


Place to rest ‘finally’ for the humans – Mayanabhoomi. But, the ‘shade’ to rest was missing in many of those:-). Green Mayanabhoomi’ aims to just do that by ‘Growing Trees’ there. Truth be told, we just saw scope there within city limits , where getting that large space is never easy.

 Around 200 saplings planted across 2 Mayanabhoomi. Weekday plantation events conducted successfully , as it’s closer by city. Just like a weekday run, we did weekday plantations for an energetic start to the day. Challenges include no community involvement to maintain, as it’s ‘Mayanabhoomi’.

 Well planned maintenance events to compensate for lack of community support – 20+ events to plant/ maintain these saplings.

 Weekly watering during the summer for 2 months. Pre summer activities including formation of very higher bunds, heavy mulching were performed.

60% survival rate combined (80% at one of the Mayanabhoomi – Other one had lesser survival due to many challenges, including unexpected exposure to fire).


 Terrace Gardening



To promote a healthy and Organic Lifestyle, Terrace Gardening sessions are being conducted by experts guiding the Urban households to raise their own vegetables in theirTerrace or backyard. 100 Plus volunteers have attended these sessions and have begun raising their own Vegetables. Also Grow our own vegetables initiatives connect people to grow healthy veg. at their backyards too

  1.   ​


    Coverage of Tree Plantation – 2017


    Ainthinai involves in lot of green activities but our core task to plant and maintain saplings, importantly spreading the cause to people. Here is the highlights of plantation events for the year 2017.

    Event Details


    Saplings count

    Plantation Done in public places



    Plantation Done in green day



    Plantation Done in Green ponds



    Plantation Done in Green school



    Plantation Along with TN Forest Dep



    Plantation Along with Highways Dep



    Plantation with NGO’s



    Miyawaki Method of plantation






    Overall Ainthinai Team conducted 195+ eventsthis year covering Week end & Week Day events

    And overall plantation events were 58 in numberswhich resulted in planting 6114 native tree saplings.  More than statistics, 

    Maintenance is our key focus in coming days. Maintenance will be focused starting this January to make the planted saplings growing healthy.


    Adding to the above highlights,

    ·       Celebrate with Ainthinai is another initiative to encourage people to spend their Birth day meaningfully for a green cause, That could be participating in any green events or sponsoring the saplings for the event, Many of our volunteers came forward and spent their birthday with Ainthinai. We believe that positive mind will inspire many people to celebrate the birthday by giving life to a sapling.

     ·       Seed collection and promoting volunteers to collect varieties of Tree seeds during the seasons and raising those seeds in Ainthinai Nursery, We constantly engaged in this activity and collected multiple varities of seeds through lot of volunteers

    ·       Team is associated with Re-Green team initiatives through which 500+ saplings were planted in YMCA ground campus along with Koovam river bed

    ·       Ainthinai is also keeping special focus in the Manapakkam area where 200+ saplings planted along with Adyar river bed in association with Forest Department.  Volunteers visited the spot regularly and water the planted saplings through a water tanker during last summary.


    Once again thank you so much for all the volunteers for participating in green events and spreading

    awareness to people.

        Be the change with CTC Ainthinai team for the Green Cause

    நாம் காண விரும்பும் மாற்றத்தை நம்மிலிருந்து ஆரம்பிப்போம்


     அன்பின் வழியில், அறத்தின் பாதையில் நம்பிக்கையோடு புத்தாண்டைத் தொடங்குவோம். புத்தாண்டு வாழ்த்துக்கள்



    Looking forward for the wonderful 2018 year



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