Thank you Red Knights – Account of CRK’s effort in 2017

Blood cannot be manufactured… It can only be donated by generous volunteers”

As we welcome the new year, we extend our sincere thanks to all our volunteers and donors who have been the driving force for all our blood camps and emergencies requests. Ever since we started with this initiative, we have come across some amazing people who are willing to travel the extra mile to save lives and the count of such people just keeps increasing every year. Below are some of the highlights of our work in 2017:

1) GH focused blood donation drives: On an average, General Hospitals (GHs) in Chennai have a daily need of 250 units, however only 10-15% of the same is available in the blood banks of these hospitals. Hence, the poorest and the underprivileged getting treated in the GHs go through tight situations to arrange blood. Sometimes, situations may worsen to a stage wherein surgeries may get postponed or lives may be lost due to unavailability of blood.

CRK organized 20 blood camps in 2017 and GH blood banks in Chennai were engaged in all of these blood donation drives. 1121 whole blood units collected from these 20 blood donation drives were utilized for the patients undergoing treatment in Chrompet GH, Rajiv Gandhi GH and ICH-Egmore. 

2)   Corporate Blood donation drives: CRK has been actively involved in generating awareness among corporates on the need to donate blood for the GHs and the initiative received a huge boost in 2017 with 573 units being collected through 7 blood camps.

Corporate companies looking to work with us in 2018 could drop a mail

3) Mission Summer 2017: The peak summer months of April, May and June are referred to as the dry months for blood donations across Chennai. In these months, the college students who form majority of the blood donor community are on vacations and leave to their hometowns. Hence arranging blood even for emergencies becomes a herculean task. The situation is extremely worse for small hospitals like Chrompet GH where even most critical surgeries like child deliveries take time due to deficit of blood.Imagine a lady suffering in labor pain for few hours due to delay in arrangements of blood for her operation. As blood requirements reach a peak in GHs during these summer months, CRK engages with corporate companies, NGOs, biking/running groups, etc. to arrange blood donation camps to refill the blood banks of these hospitals.

CRK coordinated collection of 464 units for the GHs in Summer 2017 through 8 blood camps.

4) Let’s fight Dengue – Oct 2017:Dengue rise in Chennai triggered a peak need of blood units across all major hospitals in Chennai. Few platelet donors were arranged for emergencies and 276 units were arranged for GHs through 3 blood camps.

5) Organ donation awareness:Every three minutes, a patient requires an organ transplant in India. Thousands of people die while waiting for an organ transplant and many others lose their lives before they even get on to the transplant list. CRK has been issuing Cadaver Organ donation registration forms in blood camps since May 2016 to generate awareness about organ donations. 80 Volunteers pledged to donate their organs.

6) Raising awareness among women donors: It is often noticed that a lot of women turning up for blood donation undergo rejections due to iron deficiency alongside few other reasons. Menstruation and childbirth are significant sources of blood loss for women. Women are prone to iron deficiency during their monthly period and it takes at least 7-10 days to regain back the iron levels. Through constant knowledge sharing of facts in this topic, CRK has been able to convert several rejected women donors to regular/emergency donors.

7)#Bloodgroupbehindourname: Inspired by the campaign run by Mr.Orrissa Balu, CRK has been actively promoting the practice of storing blood groups in the contact name for immediate identification of donors in case of any emergencies. A number of CTC event registrations include a note to save contact name along with the blood group.

8)   Healing lives beyond blood donations: We often come across donors who are willing to support the underpriviliged children who end up in hospitals for treatment. In 2017, monetary donations received from these donors were utilized to provide nutritional supplements  for around 120 children to improve their health post  surgeries.

9)   Emergency blood donor requests: CRK Blood coordinators receive blood donor requests almost everyday over the CRK page or whatsapp groups and . Around 250 whole blood units have been arranged for emergency requests in 2017. Guidance has been given to Chennai based patients to arrange blood among their relatives & friends residing in Chennai to increase the awareness.

10) Platelet Donation : More than 25 regular donors donated Platelets for the treatment of Dengue and other emergencies at various hospitals.

Many hands make a light work. Support us in our campaign and refer your friends and relatives to donate blood.

The beginning of a new year marks a fresh start for some new goals. It’s that time of the year, when we turn our focus to self improvements and social initiatives through new year resolutions. Resolve to help patients in need this year and let’s all work together to make blood shortages, a thing of the past.

Wishing you all an amazing year ahead…

Thanks & Regards

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