[Chennai Trekking Club] Story of a Life Saver VI – Nirmal Kumar Sahoo

Nirmal Sahoo is a CTC Volunteer(Plantation,Cleanup,Awareness campaigns etc), Trekker, Marathon runner and  regular blood donor.
Here he shares his experience with us- donating blood and platelets, counting to a total of 
28 times so far .
And of course , he is committed to donate as long as he is eligible.

How many times you have donated, from when did you start donating ?
Donated 28th Time. Started donating during my college Days.

How did it start – any personal reason ?
Without reason it started 🙂 There was a blood donation camp in my college. I was volunteer for the camp. I donated first .

What motivates you to donate blood ?
Giving a life to someone where everyone cannot do. Self satisfaction.

How fit are you , How do you manage to be fit so ?
Normal Life .Wake up early do little bit exercise,Eat healthy and stay fit.

How do you feel physically after donating blood ? (dizzy , weak , sick , normal )?
Normal. Did not feel any difference till now before or after donating blood.

How do you feel mentally after donating ?
Feel satisfied.As I did something for society.Hoping people like me will come forward and donate blood more and more.

To donate you have to travel, how do you feel , how you manage time ?
Just want to make sure I should be on time. According to that used to schedule my other works.Donating blood is always my priority.

Your leave work/schedule any thing clash with it ?
Clash will be there but I priorities the schedule.    

Why did you give away something for free ?
It is not Free. In return I used to get self satisfaction. what is more valuable than self satisfaction?

Were you send back ever, stating you are not eligible to donate, what did you do then ?
One time they send me back because of Low haemoglobin. I asked them twice to check properly. After coming from there also i checked once .

How did you improve your haemoglobin count ?
I maintain haemoglobin by proper diet. Started adding more Spinach,Pomegranate,Dates in my daily food.

Have you met any recipients of your blood ,how was those experience ?
Usually I used to meet in person before donating the blood. In case of Camp used to meet other donors 🙂

Most memorable moment when you donated ,also share interesting memories…
Each donation is memorable for me. Always Feel happy after blood donation. 

Is it morally right to donate for people of other religion/ caste ? Do you check religion/caste of recipient or do they ask yours ?
No..I wont check. Till now one asked yet. 

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