Kodaikanal Hills Ultra, Jan 27th – Venue, Stay, Travel, Timings, BIB

  • Dear runner,
    Please read through important information below regarding the upcoming Kodaikanal Hills Ultra run.

    Jan 26-28 is a long weekend during which many tourists are expected to visit Kodaikanal. Also a large conference with 2 thousand attendees is scheduled during the same dates. It is therefore  Microsoft Office Standard 2013 best price important to book your travel and stay well in advance.
    Registrations are closing on Dec 20th. Please inform your interested friends to sign up before this final day.  Spot registrations are NOT available.
    Category changes will not be accepted after Dec 20th. If you wish to change your registered category then let us know before this date.
    Kodaikanal is well connected through:
    • Tamilnadu – overnight buses from many cities (redbus.in)
    • India – Airport (Madurai) + bus to Kodai
    • India – Train (Dindigul – train code DG) – ) (bookings open end Sep) + bus to Kodai
    • International – Chennai Airport – Local flight to Madurai + bus to Kodai
    Kodaikanal has many hotels for comfortable overnight stay in various price categories
    Our venue partner Kodaikanal International School (KIS) offers limited (first come, first serve) overnight stay at subsidized rates for the runners. For details and bookings send an email to housing@kis.in.
    Camping: runners can pitch up their tent on school grounds (night temperatures 5 degrees)
    The start/finish venue is Kodaikanal International School (KIS) near 7 roads junction.
    Limited parking facility is available at KIS for participants traveling in own vehicles. Those coming by taxi or hired vehicles are requested to park outside
    Runners should read and agree to the online disclaimer form to receive their assigned BIB number. Those who do not submit the online disclaimer agreement will NOT receive a BIB.
    BIB Distribution will be done at the Kodaikanal International School on Friday Jan 26th between 10am to 8pm
    Please make note of the temperatures during January at Kodaikanal:
    • Nights – 5 degrees
    • Mornings/Evenings – 10 degrees
    • Mid-day – 15 degrees
    Report at the start/finish venue at the KIS as per below timetable for warm up and briefing.
    Category Elevation Gain Cut-off Report Start Finish
    130K 3300m 26 hours 2:30 AM 3:00 AM 5:00 AM (Sun)
    80K 2200m 16 hours 2:30 AM 3:00 AM 7:00 PM
    50K 1600m 10 hours 4:30 AM 5:00 AM 3:00 PM
    21K 500m 4 hours 5:50 AM 6:00 AM 10:00 AM
    10K 250m 2 hours 6:00 AM 6:30 AM 8:30 AM
    Runners (all categories) finishing beyond above cut-off timings will NOT receive a medal
    Running Route 10/21K (*)
    Aid Stations / Distances
    Aid stations 10K/21K Distance 10K 21K
    A1 – KIS 0 x x
    A11 – Upper Lake Road 2.5 x x
    A12 – Pillar Rocks 3.5 x
    A2 – Ten Mile Round Junction 3.5 x
    A13- Poomparai Road 2.5 x
    A14 – Upper Lake View 2.5 x x
    A15 – Kodai Lake Road 2 x x
    A16 – Gymkhana Road 3 x x
    A1 – KIS 1.6 x x
    Running Route 50/80/130K (*)
    Aid Stations / Distances / Cut-off Timings
    50/80/130K Runners should be semi self sufficient as per approx. 10K spaced aid stations
    Aid stations will be closed as per below cut-off timings and runners will not be allowed to proceed
    Aid stations 50/80/130K Distance Cut-off Time 50K 80K 130K
    A1 – KIS 0 x x x
    A2 – Ten Mile Round Junction 10 x x x
    A3 – Poomparai Junction 11 x x x
    A3b – 50K U Turn (A3+5K) 5 U-turn
    A4 – Puthuputur 11 x x
    A5 – Palar View 5 11:00 AM x x
    A4 – Puthuputur 5 12:00 PM x x
    A6 – Kookal Lake 9 2:00 PM x x
    A7 – T junction Kukal Road 6.5 U-turn x
    A8 – Mannavanur 7 x
    A9 – Kilavarai 13 7:30 PM x
    A10 – Kumbur 10.5 9:30 PM x
    A8 – Mannavanur 4.5 10:30 PM x
    A6 – T junction Kukal Road 7 12:00 AM x x
    A3 – Poomparai Junction 5 1:00 AM (Sun) x x x
    A2 – Ten Mile Round Junction 11 3:30 AM (Sun) x x x
    A1 – KIS 7.5 5:00 AM (Sun) x x x
    (*) Running Routes are subject to change as per final planning
    Mandatory Gears 50/80/130K
  • Hydration set with minimum capacity of 1 liter (10K distance between aid stations)
    • Headlamp with spare batteries (night running)
    • Cap/bandana to protect yourself from the sun
    • Jacket or fleece to stay warm during night
    • Mobile phone with the registered number
    • Runners should download and carry the running route GPS log in their smartphone
    Aid Stations

    Aid Stations are equipped with below refreshments:

      • Water
      • Ice bars
      • Unived RRUN energy drink
  • Bananas, Mosambi’s
  • Lemons, Salt
  • Peanut bars, snickers
  • Sandwiches (50/80/130K)
  • Food
    Every runner gets one free post-run meal, either breakfast (10/21K) or lunch (50K) or dinner (80/130K). Timings:
    • Sat breakfast (8-11am)
    • Sat lunch (12-4pm)
    • Sat dinner (5pm-5am)
    Chennai Trekking Club
    Annual Events

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