Let’s Drive to Talakona!! [Nov 11 & 12] – SUV Trip


-by Veenapriyalakshmi

  Of all the mails spamming the inbox, An SUV Trip to Talakona caught the eye. SUV+ Trip+ Falls = who would say no?    Podu  udaney registration!  Unfortunately I didn’t check my mails on Saturday and the second level of confirmation got over.


 Desperate to join , I was constantly pinging Nisha to take me in. Some punniyavan dropped out in the last minute, and I got a seat.Yayyyy!!!  Packed all the stuff  in lightning speed and caught the bus to Chennai. 


6.30 ku we started from CMBT. The trip got interesting as we discussed random, conflicting topics all over the ride. The best part about the trip was there was no phone signal in talakona. But still no one felt the need of it. I guess that’s the mark of a very successful trip. 


With my sumaar telugu, I’m glad I helped. The lodging place was very beautiful  and very neat and comfortable. Guys started the guys thing. Seven stones was such an entertainer to watch. It was 4 and we started  walking towards the falls. We reached there in a perfect timing  when the usual crowd was all gone.The falls was all ours. The water there. It was straight from heaven ! 




After getting back, gaba Gaba pasi. The andhra chicken curry was lip smacking ! Evlo ulla pochuney therila  (the consequence is  again a different story)  After a small  intro session, Kadaya saathitom. 


Sunday morning. We all had to stay in the bathroom for extra few minutes bcoz of the chicken. Anyways , everything comes with a price. Right?  I was like chill , Arun Anna  told it’s only a picnic. So it will be all la la la.



 After reaching a common spot,Arun Anna  told that there is  a 60 degree incline in which we had to climb for 30 min. What ?! I had no idea.  No clue  how i would  do it. Thanks to all the people who motivated me, gave their hands to support me and encouraged me with their words. I did it. We did it. We finally reached the pool. 




Serene and pure. Shankar’s underwater photography activity , Kailash’s evlo neram thannila moochu pidipen challenge , those kutti fishes tingling your feet , anitha akka adoring her daughter playing in the water, my subconscious mind photographed all these. While getting down i realised, climbing up was much easier.


We all know how contradicting people can be. But bringing together a diverse group of people in unison, countering every challenge we faced. Nisha has some really cool skills. 


My stomach got upset bcoz of the chicken and Bush drove me back to the room, he didnt mind  missing his breakfast. Meena sat with me till I finished my idli and abhi and nisha were constantly asking if I was fine. And others encouraged me to come to the trip. Rather than the fancies like a movie or a posh restaurant, the niceness in people around us , will definitely bring up the confidence level and positivity in our lives. Right ? 




Hey ! All get in, it’s a train from Chennai to Talakona with to (aRUN) and fro (tamilOli) engine , with TTE (Kailash) and Guard (Ravi)

I just want you to know how I enjoyed the weekend SUV Trip with CTC friends.

-by George Bush

This is how it started. Nisha Tamiloli who sent me a gift which contains a list of names. And I opened it up at 13°04’12.8″N 80°12’15.6″E. Where I found some unknown persons & Six cars. I have to spend my two days with those peoples. Then we had a mini intro, name of the persons whom I am going to travel with. Here comes another interesting part. That I am going to travel with George Bush. Thank god he dint ask  for limousine! Engines STARTED……


Headed towards Talakona. Approximately by 08:30, I heard some sound and unfortunately everyone heard the same. And we found it was our stomach. we stopped at Uthukkottai filled fuel (Breakfast) and started.

On the way found street vendor selling some spicy eatables like Mango with Chili, Jujube fruit, Goa with chili, fried Groundnuts, Gooseberry, papaya…… after seeing all this who can go without stopping.

C:\Users\george bush\Desktop\PicsArt\IMG_20171111_154542.jpg

By afternoon we reached  Talakona. Parked our cars and waiting for the room keys. By the time we found a gang there doing atrocities. Yes, taking our belongings and they were running, sorry they were jumping. Ya they are none other than monkeys. They took our princess Tarunika biscuits, cakes….

We checked in and refreshed and found the time to be 2pm. Omg its time for lunch. Finished our lunch. Being with CTC who can sit idle. Everyone are back to our school days playing game of 7 STONES. Really enjoyed a lot.

C:\Users\george bush\Desktop\PicsArt\IMG_20171111_155322.jpg

All get sweat and now we need to get refreshed with Herbal Water. Headed towards the falls. And we had some unexpected guests too. A pet Dog, Spider and a SUPER MAN.

C:\Users\george bush\Desktop\PicsArt\PicsArt_11-14-10.59.48.jpg

Talakona is the highest waterfall in the Andhra Pradesh state. Geographically considered as a part of Eastern Ghats. There we saw a beautiful waterfall falling deep into the valley from a cliff on the up. Actually its look like water getting down to see us using steps. The natural formation of the rocks look like stairs.

C:\Users\george bush\Desktop\PicsArt\PicsArt_11-14-10.17.58.jpg

By 6pm we started to the rooms. Rooms are inside the dense forest, where it is surrounded by mountains. When the time goes on, its getting very dark and chill.

Everyone is waiting for the same word. Arun : Dinner is ready, lets go.

Hot and Spicy chicken curry with Chapatti and Rice is ready. After having it I don’t feel the chill. After dinner we went back to room arranged our beds and……….

We dint sleep, had a very good intro about all, came to know about each other and I fell they seem to be nice people. After some time some went to sleep, some having friendly conversations. Which took till 01:30am. And the day 1 gets over here.

Clock strikes 6am got up, refreshed, had Tiffin and headed towards hill. A long trekking route leads to the top of the hill, which can be reached by multiple paths. So that I can see the World.

C:\Users\george bush\Desktop\PicsArt\PicsArt_11-14-10.52.35.jpgC:\Users\george bush\Desktop\PicsArt\PicsArt_11-14-11.19.54.jpg

The view was excellent. We reached the waterpool and falls. Felt happy to see the unpolluted water and air.

Enjoyed a lot and took a pic to stay back with the memories. Then we check out, saying bye bye to the mountains and headed back to the Chennai.

C:\Users\george bush\Desktop\PicsArt\PicsArt_11-14-11.36.02.jpg

At last unknown persons came to be a good friends and family members.

Here I want to thank all and especially some. They are


A person who kills your ills with pills, then kills you with bills. Unfortunately Abi dint do that.

C:\Users\george bush\Desktop\PicsArt\PicsArt_11-14-11.11.35.jpg

Then Thank You.. Arun & Nisha Tamiloli (organizers) and all others.

Study Nature, Love Nature, Stay Close to Nature. It Will Never Fail You.

There is no MOBILE NETWORK in the forest but I find a better connection.


As Narated by Tharunika and Build up given by Thanigai
Displaying _DSC0288.jpg

I was excited about going to the waterfalls and swimming in the pool. I was counting the days for the weekend to arrive. Finally the day came!! 


I was waken up in the night  and reached Mohan uncle’s house. From there we went to the meet up place, we were waiting, waiting and it became morning. we started in the car and reached our camp,the place was full of Monkeys. We finished our lunch in the near by hotel, while returning I got ice cream to eat. Someone said monkeys won’t eat ice creams. I got confident that monkeys won’t take away my ice cream, so came outside the car with ice-cream on hand. Suddenly one monkey attacked me and grabbed mine and climbed the tree.  I started crying because of fear. When my parents and friends were comforting me, we noticed monkeys were running with packets of cakes and chocolates. Then we realized that the monkeys have actually stole them from our car. Mohan uncle was sure that he closed the doors and windows of the car. Now we understood that monkeys at that place actually knows how to open the car door and search for things inside the car.

Then all uncles including my dad started playing “Seven Stones”. I was enjoying by seeing them playing. Some were playing UNO Cards in the room. Suddenly a monkey entered the room and I got frightened again. Finally Nisha aunty chased the monkey out of the room and closed the door. From that time my duty was to make sure that room door is closed always.

In the evening, we started for the waterfalls in the car. From the parking we walked for small distance to reach the waterfalls. The waterfall looked awesome and very cold. I got ready to get into the falls, but since it was very cold, I wanted only to sit on the side of the stream. Ravi uncle tried to get me into the waterfalls, but I screamed not to take me to the waterfalls. I watched the falls from a distance and it looked beautiful. It started to become dark, so I changed my dress and we all left the place.

For dinner I ate chapathi and chicken gravy. The chicken was tasty, but at the same time it was too spicy.  After dinner I went to sleep.


Next day morning, I saw many monkeys roaming around the resort. Me and my dad both took a stick to chase those monkey and protect us from the monkey. We got ready to go to the water pool. I was excited about swimming in the pool. Mom packed my swimming tube and extra set of dress in the bag. I bought biscuit and chocolates to eat on the way to the pool. I had idly for breakfast and  started walking to the pool. They made me trek the mountain and it was difficult. I managed to climb myself without sitting. Dad and Aditya uncle helped me to climb the mountain. The pool was beautiful and not that cold as yesterday’s waterfall. Mom changed my dress and gave my swimming tube. I jumped on the pool and enjoyed the swim. Return trek was in another direction of the mountains. I got tired and hungry while returning. Mom has left me with dad and walked fast. My snacks bag was with mom and I couldn’t eat them. Dad said me fox and the seven lambs story to me entertained while returning from the mountain. 

After reaching the resort, we packed our things and then took group photos. That was end of this memorable trip for me. We started back to chennai. 

I was excited about going to the waterfalls and swimming in the pool. I was counting the days for the weekend to arrive. Finally the day came!! 


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