Ainthinai Camping and Maintenance at Ayyangarkulam – Event Write Up by Nimalan

Ainthinai Camping and Maintenance at Ayyangarkulam

Event Write Up by Nimalan

On October 29th and 30th Ainthinai had a camping and sapling maintenance session at Ayyangarkulam near kancheepuram. Ayyangarkulam can be called as the home ground of Ainthinai where it all started 6 years back.

It was a fun filled and joyous event camping under a million stars, cooking and spending the night close to a water body.

Below is a event write up from a 11 year old young volunteer who joined with his family.

Posted by Prasanna Padmanabhan on Sunday, October 29, 2017

“First of all, Thank you CTC Ainthinai and the organisers for arranging this wonderful event.
It was a fantastic experience for our family.

Right from registration, Saikarthick anna was in touch with us to ensure that we have reached the place. We were traveling in a wild muddy path with street lights. When we reached the place Akkas were cutting the vegetables for the Biryani and  Annas were setting up the things for cooking like firewood etc. We added some onions, meal maker, salt and some other complicated stuffs in the Biryani to smell, look and taste better.

Until the Biryani was cooking some of the members went playing dumcharade and every one was enjoying it. The time went in seconds as the Biryani was ready and we all assembled in rows for it. After we completed our dinner we again played a game called anthakshari and it went for a so long time. A uncle(Prasanna Padmanabhan) gave us a tent as we are children and we slept comfortably inside it. But others were sleeping outside in the cold.

The Cold Sunday Morning

After everyone woke up all went for their loo and assembled for the maintenance of the last year planted saplings. We took some tools like kadaparai, munvetti for maintaining the saplings and we cut off some of the nearby unnecessary plants. We dug some pits for the Arali plant and planted it in a safe place. Meanwhile when we were working some people came and told their past experience. One  aunty spoke about how to maintain the river by growing trees and she gave us a big banner or something for the photograph and gave a pamphlet to all about what she was talking.

After that we straightly went for our morning breakfast where we had pongal, vada, sambar and chutney. It was wonderful breakfast and an old man of that village told us the history of the place and the temple as it contain some sculpture, treasure etc. I saw a snake which was in brown in colour nearly 3 to 4m long and it swift straight into the nearby lake and then I understood it was a sea snake. A small boy named Adhithiyan was very much interested in finding out the treasure and he himself  took some tools used in the gardening work to dig out the treasure. The elders’ insist him not to go by himself.

We all went for the gardening work again. After some time we have completed our gardening work and packed our things up and straight we went to an old abandon well for a visit and we all took a group photo over there and all of us had an ice-cream when we are about to move to the river for a swim. We have finally reached the river and all of us had a wonderful and enjoyable swim. After the swim we packed up our things again and changed our wet cloths. We had some biscuits as we were starving after the swim.

We traveled again to some uncle’s house to learn more about silk weaving in hand loom. This was my first time I saw a weaving machine and how it works. He told more about his lifestyle and how the machine works. We had a nice tea and all of us said good-bye to everyone and all of us went in our own ways.

It was wonderful experience for me and I learned so much from it. Thank you CTC Ainthinai.”


Nimalan Elango


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