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Being an athlete is a state of mind which is not bound by age, physique or performance.

PC Avinash Anbu
Chennai Trail Marathon
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As to Confess,Chennai Trail Marathon is my favourite among all the marathons. No doubt, It’s total ecstasy at the finish line. The lovely Photographers of Chennai Trekking club, never missed a single year to capture my euphoria at the finish line 😊 and let me take the opportunity to congratulate every photographer of CTC for their dedicated and selfless service.


*CTM 2017*

What makes it difficult- the slushy dark TRAILS, the blazing SUN, the sapping HEAT, the extreme HUMIDITY & never ending DISTANCE…

What makes it easy- the PERSEVERANCE, the SPIRIT, the LOVE for trails, the energy from fellow RUNNERS* & the FIGHTER within us…..

What makes it memorable- the glorified FINISH line, the amazing MEDAL, the beautifully captured EMOTIONS & most important the LOVE & CARE of all those selfless VOLUNTEERS (the real heroes), who battered rain, heat, tiring days, sleepless nights just to give us the lifetime experience.

Really great full to each one of you .. 🙂

Congratulations to all the CTM Finishers!!! 🙂 🙂

Another exhilarating experience at chennai trail marathon this Sunday. What made this run so memorable and different from the other runs was the trail itself – muddy grasslands, pockets of water patches, shrubbery, farmlands. Crossed beautiful terrain along the way.
Thank you everyone including all the volunteers who made this event a big success, the organisers who organise such amazing event all year round, to the volunteers behind CTC and to my personal coach, my brother Brijesh 😝


A mandatory post after achieving something. Everytime I hear the feedback from runners about the trails (CTM/JHU) and unconditional love from our CTC Volunteers during the run, I used think, one day I should also try that. And that became true in CTM 2017. So thought to change the mode from full-time Volunteering to Part time Volunteering and Part time running. And heavily inspired by our Blood Mani 😛 😀

By giving surprises to many of our friends, I was standing among the crowd by wearing the BiB at 6am. And the run kick-started and I was running alone till R2 and met An BuVinothkumar and Lakshmanan. Later joined with them and it became a fantastic and enjoyable run on the entire trail. Thanks a lot guys for allowing me to run along with you 😛 and accompanying me till the finish line. You guys showed me lot of love, gave many inputs and took care of me 😀

It was really a great motivation when our aid station Volunteers saw with great surprises in their face that I was running with BiB. Those warm smiles, surprises and lovable hugs really matters to me. Finally all four of us reached the finish line along with a joyful dance. It was really a great feeling to cross this finish line.

Thanks a lot to whole selfless CTC Volunteers for running the whole show from the front line. I was double excited to run CTM 2017 as it’s supporting Ainthinai- ஐந்திணை and it’s conservation activities. Thanks a lot to all the runners who ran CTM 2017 and supporting CTC’s Conservation activities.



Debut Marathon Update 😉

Sep 10th!! A special date in our lives.
Rewind to 9 years ago, it was the day when we expressed our love for eachother 🙂

What better way to make it memorable than running marathons 😉 It was made more exceptional as we attempted our debut runs. A Half marathon of 21.1 Kms for sunny and a full marathon of 42.2 for me. Plus, since we both love challenges we decided to accomplish this in a terrain which not only tests our endurance but the Chennai weather plays a critical role in deciding how well we fair.

A trail run around a lake in the city outskirts played the perfect host with wonderful organisation by my beloved Chennai Trekking Club.Greatful to the cheerful volunteers for the support! Thank you 🙂

Look forward to Kodai ultra:-) More power to CTC!

PS: I had a goal of finishing the marathon without any injuries and absolutely surprised that I finished 2nd among women! Time to lace up and get stronger from here 🙂

Many thanks to all my friends who have encouraged me all along in my fitness journey so far.

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Dinesh Kumar Ravi 

Finally here is my CTM 2017 medal and completed within cutoff timing, it’s not easy task to grab this lovely unique medal and my second medal in 30 days…

No proper run, No proper sleep, No proper rest and fever from Thursday…. So much trouble and stress… Still I had trust on my willpower and decided to precede my run…

Woke up 2:30 am on race day and as usual start clicking pictures of Ultra, Full and first batch of Half Marathon runners… Then I got ready for my race, it was drizzling around 5:50 am so thought race will be tougher with terrain and the climate was got upturned with hot sun in few minutes…

3rd Batch HM started by 6:00 am and kicked my run with GoPro cam, as I know it is not easy task to run with GoPro without proper practice but still I want to cover the beautiful trial with camera..

The CTM 2017 trial includes of Dam, road, village, paddy fields, forest, canyons, and lake, with proper sign boards to the runners…. As few KM was very difficult to run because too much mud, slippery terrain, water … Really it’s very challenge and interesting to run in this kind of Terrain…
During the run got lot of warm welcome from my photography team, Volunteer team, local kids and fellow runners…

Kudos to the trial marking team, Photography team, Aid station volunteers, timing team, venue setup team and all volunteers team of CTM 2017….

CTM 2017: I had so many demotivating things happening during the run but the volunteers and runners made sure I complete it and I am ever grateful for them! Late start because of my unpredictable stomach never let me to run with the lead pack. Headlamp battery got drained at 5th km mark because of which I fell down hard enough on tarmac to injure myself. Soor Ya helped me by giving his spare torch. Unfortunately I was barely able to run with it as the light was dim. Tried to run with the help of fellow runner’s torch Mani Raj but couldn’t sustain that for very long. Finally caught up with Dhvinay PV and ran with him until daylight showed up. The first 21km took me 2:30 hours. I felt route marking in one or two places could have been better but it would be a crime to criticise them as route marking itself should have been a tough job in that terrain. You guys did a great job thank you very much. Thank you all other volunteers if I have missed out any. I enjoyed the run to the core.

Chennai Trail Marathon 2017 in 5:27:32 hrs.
What an adventure running through slushy trails early morning, missing the route and finally battling some heat in the later part. Hats off to those running post 10 AM. A big shout out to the volunteers for a great show once again !!
Overall a great weekend catching up with friends here at Chennai !!

CTM 2017 50k – From Wondering how these crazy idiots run 50k in scorching heat last year, never imagined i will go for a 50k here in the beautiful trail. CTM is always about being mentally prepared to handle scorching sun, and dehydration, but this year the trail became even tougher with muddy, and slippery slush because of rain the day before, and special thanks to Aakriti Verma for saving me lot of times literally falling down 😀and thanks again for making me run faster than i usually am 🙂
Thanks all the CTC buddies, fellow runners, Volunteers, and last but not least my friends who were there and encourages me all the time. See u all soon 😁

The most memorable ‘Sunday’ of my life. came across some beautiful trails during the Chennai Trail Marathon.. ! Incredibly happy that I was a part of this finally. Some lessons are best learnt on-the-go & CTM experience was one such that I can never forget.. For, it taught me how to push my limits, gave me a glimpse of pain & in return took out the best in me.. With both my legs cramped at 14th km. I honestly never thought I’ll make the last 7kms. Quite obviously I completed only around 20mins after the cut-off. But if not for these folks, I wouldn’t have even made it to the finish line. Keeping it as general as possible, Thanks to all my fellow runners, known n unknown, who’ve pushed me along, ensuring I don’t quit. And the volunteers for their extended help & the most required – words of motivation.. Without you all, I wouldn’t have finished strong !! #trailrunning #CTM #CTC #half_marathon


#Chennaitrailmarathon 2017

#Ultra 50 k
Great challenge to mind and body .

Completed in 6 hrs . 36 minutes with motivation and support of #chrompetcheetahs.

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