Malnad Ultra 2017 – prep mailer

source url Thursday Oct 5th 
4pm – start with cars from Chennai
Dinner along the highway
Camp nearby Bangalore outskirts (350K / 6-7 hours) around midnight / get proper night rest
buy online Sketch 41 Friday Oct 6th 
7am – proceed to Ballavara (250K, 5-6 hours)
Breakfast / Lunch along way
2pm – set up campsite near Ballavara
Registration and Kit Collection at Ballavara, Last Resort Homestay
Dip in nearby well, take rest under trees
5pm – pick up pre-race dinner
Announcements and Pre-Race Dinner 6:00 PM 7:30 PM Rajgiri Estate
8pm – Drop back to Ballavara
9:30pm – sleep early / proper night rest
Saturday, Oct 7th
3:45am – rise and shine, pack up campsite into cars
Hand car keys to 50K runners – access to camping gears on Saturday night
4:30am – Pick-up for Start Line
5-7am – pre-race BF at  Lalbagh estate
6:30am – 80 and 110 KM Start
7am – 50 KM Start
11am-3pm – lunch buffet Lalbagh (50K mark)
Evening – Post-race dinner Lalbagh
50/80K finishers return to Ballavara / set up campsite
Sunday, Oct 8th 
Night/Morning – 110K runners return to Ballavara
6:30am – cut off 110K
9am – break up campsite, start return journey
BF at Birur
2-3pm – Bangalore / Beer (250K / 5-6 hours)
Dinner along the highway
Midnight – reach back to Chennai (350K / 6-7 hours / long weekend)
Camping Gears
Sleeping mat
Running Gears
A Government ID (mandatory for Indian runners)
• Passport (mandatory for international runners)
• Running Shorts/Tracks
• Running Tee/Top
• Running Shoes
• Running Socks
• Headgear: Cap/Hat/Visor/Headband/Sweatband
• Running Watch, HR Monitor, Personal Music
• Mobile Phone
• Change of clothes post-run and Backpack
• Headlight / Flashlight(mandatory for 80K and 110K runners)
• Drop-bags (1 to 3 depending on your distance)
• Running gels and other fuel that you use
• Sunscreen and insect repellant
• Extra footwear like sandals for post-run
• Hydration pack/bottle
• Chargers and batteries for all devices
• Snacks and munchies
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