Doctors can save lives in Many ways

Aspirations come in many forms. Earn, buy, travel, achieve. Well, my aspiration was slightly left of centre. My dream for a long time was to be a platelet donor. Having started blood donation right from college times, it was CTCs frequent blood donation camps and requests that instilled the drive to become a regular donor. My wish finally got fulfilled last month, Mani called to ask if I could donate platelets for a child with dengue. Birthday wish – fulfilled
And today, I got to do it for the second time. Whether it’s in a camp or in a hospital with the patient’s relatives thanking you profusely , donating is always a rewarding experience.It’s one way of saving a life that all of us can do. 

Girls , don’t shy away from donating by doubting your hemoglobin levels. Eat iron rich foods like dates, nuts, grains and legumes, spinach and drumstick leaves. Take beetroot, green leafy parts of vegetables, jaggery and fruits like pomegranate and citrus fruits. Always add vitamin c rich lemons, oranges, gooseberry (nellikai) and papaya etc to increase absorption of iron in your body. For non vegetarians, meat is a good source as well.  Do exercise regularly.
Apoorva Raghavan 

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