CTC Ainthinai Green Day 2017 :: Post Event Mailer – Thank You

 “There is no such Power than the Power of… “
 With much fanfare and enthusiasm, fun and frolic, dirt and dust, wind and water, rain and light, the Fourth Edition of Ainthinai’s Green Day was a grand success.

With a week long Pre event activities like digging pits and trenches, saplings procurement, food arrangements, volunteer coordination etc we were all set for the day when Rains lashed out the previous night setting a perfect ground for the event. 
More than 250+ volunteers from CTC and around 200 volunteers from Corporates and colleges arrived on the early hours of Sunday with a common mindset of making the planet a better place for life. In a record time of 2.5 hours we planted 1094 native tree saplings which includes Pungai, poovarasu, Naaval, Neem, Neermaruthu, Ilupai, Vaagai and Punnai. Close to thousand palm seeds were also sowed on the boundary walls which will stabilise and maintain the soil quality and ground water level.
Saplings from Ainthinai’s Grow Your Saplings initiative were also planted. With Clear instructions by the 10 Team leads and Co leads the saplings were planted in a perfect fashion by all the volunteers which resulted in a quicker and well organised event.

Trenches of around 3  feet depth and 3 feet width has been dug around the plantation zone covering approximately 2KMs to prevent disturbances from cattle. These trenches will also act as Rain Water Harvesting Pits.

Our special thanks to Tamilnadu Forest Department – Social Forestry Division without whose support  the event wouldn’t have happened in such a close location to the city.
We are also obliged to extend our thanks to a bunch of people who have supported Ainthinai and guided us throughout. Ainthinai takes pride in felicitating the esteemed dignitaries and the excellent set of Ainthinai volunteers who took the lead in our events over the past 1 year.

Well it looks like Mud Bath on Green Day has become a mandatory activity. Thanks to the rain the previous night, the set was perfect for a slush fight !!! 
PS : I managed to dodge the fight for nearly 45 mins until I was chased down and dumped !! That Siruthai 🐯🐯 sikuduchu moment 😛 !!
How could I close down without bidding the Thank you message to our Volunteers. The support from each of you is what that is driving CTC Ainthinai over six  years now.
Self motivated and energised, spreading love and joy, every step with a smile – The strength of volunteerism is running each of our lives and teaching us new life lessons everyday.
            “There is no such Power than the Power of Selfless Volunteers”
Together we can achieve great feats and create joyful and blessed memories that distinguish Humans and Other lives.

We Encourage volunteers to share their experience on the event day through a write up. This will be circulated to more than 40,000 members of CTC and inspire more people like you and me.
One such write up from a First Time Ainthinai Volunteer – Shan Karuppuswamy. – Click Here 
Links to Event Photo Albums.
That Madraskaran  by Avinash Anbu
Bimbam Clicks  by Vaithiyanathan
VD Photography by Vishnu Dayal
Prassy Photography by Prasanna 
More photo albums and links will be updated from our FB Page. Follow and spread the word. 

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