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To work on a social cause benefiting everyone around gives a sense of Peace to the mechanised human life. Infinite activities spread across 1000s of Organisations ensure that life sustains no matter what comes in between. Our Environment plays a major role for survival of all life forms on this beautiful planet. From mini automobiles to High rise towers, a bit of paper to mountains of garbage, lush green fields to flushed out drains, It’s all upon us that is being reflected back.
Green Day 2017


Green Day is Ainthinai‘s Annual Event where more than 1000 saplings will be planted on a single day with support from 300 to 500 Volunteers. This one day event will be the seed for many new comers to Ainthinai to understand the need of the hour and the positive effects of planting a tree. This one day event will connect each of you with a number of nature and social enthusiasts who will be happy to guide and support to live a life close to nature and without harming it.
Ainthinai – So Far and Beyond
Highlights – 2017
In 2012, Ainthinai was started as a minor nature conservatory group with less than 40 members. The Team today has risen up with more than 6000 Active followers and Volunteers who have supported us in more than 400 events till date.

Plantations, Maintenance, Clean Ups, Organic Farming, Terrace Gardening, Tree walks, Nursery Maintenance etc comprised most of our activities.
  • Titled as Green Highways we have planted more than 2000 saplings along the Highway stretches bordering Chennai and Kancheepuram.
  • Green Mayanabhoomi has paved us a way to raise 300 Saplings in open burial grounds at Chennai Sholinganallur, Ambattur and Choolaimedu.
  • Grow Your Own Saplings has encouraged our volunteers to raise saplings in their home reducing the cost of sapling purchase from Nurseries and also taking the volunteers back to the roots. More than 1000 Saplings are being raised in homes of 50 plus volunteers across Chennai. 

  • 2017 saw the worst summer in Chennai and places around. We ensured  that the our sapling survived the heat by regular maintenance and watering from April to June.

To promote a healthy and Organic Lifestyle, Terrace Gardening sessions are being conducted by experts guiding the Urban households to raise their own vegetables in their Terrace or backyard. 100 Plus volunteers have attended these sessions and have begun raising their own Vegetables.
Ainthinai‘s latest venture Green School has been kick started on a mission to involve school children in environment related activities and help them understand the need of sustainable living. More than 250 Saplings have been planted along with Vegetable Garden and Bio Waste Mgmt in Two Schools on a Pilot basis.

Large number of volunteers have contributed seeds to Ainthinai with our Seed Collection Drive and these seeds are being raised to saplings in our makeshift nursery and in the backyards of our volunteer’s homes.
** Saplings raised by our volunteers under Grow Your Own Saplings will also be planted on Green Day. 
Join us on September 17th and experience the priceless blessing of contributing a life to the planet. **
Chennai Red Knights
Chennai Red Knights is the Blood donation wing of Chennai Trekking Club. CRK has been actively involved in arranging donors for surgeries, emergency requests through volunteer donors and blood camps predominantly for Government hospitals in Chennai. 
#BloodGroupBehindOurName – Save Your Mobile contacts with Blood group and be a hero !!!
Donors Interested to bleed register here : https://goo.gl/3fEr1K
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